Mamidi Tandra (in Telugu) means Mango Jelly (in English)

In childhood opposite to our school gate there used to be push carts selling  Tegalu (palm tree shoots), Tandra (Palm as well as Mango Jelly), Roasted  Peanuts, Iced Drinks,  Guava fruits, Ice-creams etc. My parents didn't give us pocket money and these things remained elusive. My Mom insisted to prepare much better things and gave us to eat. But the childhood craving remained.

After growing up,  I realised why mom inisted in making things at home and refused to give us pocket money. The childhood craving made me invest my time in perfecting this Mango Tandra recipe under hygienic conditions.

It can be prepared at home and the entire family can enjoy it. I have tried both with regular sugar and artificial sweetener also. Mid summer is the best time when you can sun-dry the mango juice to get this Mamidi Tandra. Enjoy this recipe as shown at
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