Well if I talk about banana plant and its flowers, for those who know may laugh  because it looks silly while those who don't know would say, "is it so!!" I share the following

Banana plant also bears flowers. They all come in a bunch on the flowering stalk. In the lifetime of a banana tree only one bunch comes.The bunch and the flowers within would look as shown in the picture.

The inflorescence (flower stalk) on which this bunch resides grows through the center of the banana tree and bears the weight of the fruits. Flowers develop in clusters and spiral around the main axis.

Bananas are formed without pollination, so the seeds are sterile and will not germinate. To plant a new plant we need to plant a banana sucker - a shoot which comes on the ground from the main banana plant. Bananas are are categorized as berries.

After sufficient fruits have come-up on the stalk and their size gets reduced to uneconomic level, the farmer harvests the end portion of the  flowering stalk which is sold in the market as banana flower.

We  can use this harvested banana flower to make a nice recipe along with green gram. Kindly watch the recipe as shown at the link below and attempt it for novelty at your place too.


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