Tying flowers and sporting them in hair is feminine. For this we need natural flowers and a reasonable length of hair. As children, after we returned from school, we used to collect these flowers from the back-yard, tie them and wear them. I should say, it used to be a playtime for the girls and at times a duty too. The flowers used to be seasonal so also the fragrances. These fragrances used to speak subtly.

In the present world of busy (globalization), there is hardly any time to collect flowers and tie them. Hair lengths have become (too) short for the sake of STYLE and MAINTENACE. Probably flowers on them would look grotesque and odd. Synthetic fragrances and Deodorants have invaded homes because they are cheap and easy to handle.

Instead of natural fragrances which speak subtly as per seasons, these synthetic Deodorants and Perfumes always speak loudly. In a congregation they try to over-power each other and compete to stand-out, unlike the naturals which blend with each other.

In short tying flowers and wearing them, a feminine attribute, is slowing dying. For those who wish to keep this tradition alive (for some more time) and for posterity (future generations) I have shown it in this video “POOLA CHENDU). In telugu POOLU – is flowers and CHENDU is a small garland. It’s an art I learnt from my Aunt ( Pinni - Mother’s younger sister while in school).

Summer brings Jasmines. Its a pleasure to tie them and wear them in hair. Click on the following link to see the video http://www.gayatrivantillu.com/recipes-2/miscellaneous/poola-chendu
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