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Time to re-draw the CTL in this ever-raging Inverted Cycle Price is throwing back to the CTL, but it is no longer a CTL since price has made a new high A closer look faster tf

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Seeing if I remember how this works... $GC monthly; first test to hold above the 50-period average on the monthly time frame.

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CTL update
Nice throwback after the CTL break

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CTL break
Been a while since looking at the SPY Stevenson cycles.  Interesting development in that the Cyclic Trend  Line Has been broken (and back-tested).  In Stevenson work this signals an end to the prevailing cycle (in this case a long-standing Inverted Cycle) a...

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Initial Target
$GC_F initial target achieved

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Probably a good time to start looking at the Transportation Index for a bounce. The higher time frame trend is very bullish (first test of the monthly 20-MA since 2012) and the weekly time frame is coming in to support

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Another higher time frame short trigger at the close of last week on GC

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July 01

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DJIA Quarterly
LONG-term chart.  Dow Jones Industrial Average Quarterly time frame showing a 3/10macd fast line potentially crossing the slow line (bar ends at the end of the month).  Not something that happens very often in such a slow time frame.  The overall trend woul...
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