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My top 6 tips to ease into your first yoga class

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Vonyasa Yoga's December Schedule

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Check out and mark your calendars to come out to some of my classes! NOTE the awesome new class Bender Barre! I am super excited to be offering this class starting in May! 

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Enjoy the Journey!
Life Lessons from the Mat! Recently I made a BIG decision and investment in my future to help me reach my crazy goals and dreams. In taking that initial step I found myself excited, nervous,nauseous and then exhilarated knowing that I had done it! I had fin...

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Shakeology Feature Ingredient- Amaranth
Amaranth Health Benefits of
Amaranth!          Cholesterol – The oils and
phytosterols in amaranth help lower cholesterol levels, including LDL (bad
cholesterol) and triglycerides.          Inflammation – The
anti-inflammatory properties of amaranth can eas...

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Love the idea of lifting weights while still working on flexibility! What an awesome combo of two programs into one kick ass workout! Results baby! 

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ChaLEAN Extreme PiYo Hybrid
ChaLean Extreme is going to give you "AMAZING" results! Lose weight! Gain muscle while gaining flexibility! Score and Score!  Don't have ChaLEAN Extreme get your copy here>>>>>   ChaLEAN Extreme Looking for you copy of PiYo?  >>>>>   PiYo Added Bonus of hav...

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My Top Selling Program for 2014!
Top Selling Program for 2014! 21
Day Fix! Why was it my top
selling program?     Because it’s so simple! You don’t have to count calories, points,
or log your food into diet software. With 21 Day Fix , everything is laid out
for you. All you have  to do ...

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Tropical Energy Bites
Ingredients: 1 500 gram package of pitted dates 1 cup quick oats 1 cup fresh pineapple chunks 1 cup coconut flakes 1/2 cup chopped pecans 2 scoops of vanilla  Shakeology  or protein powder of your choice 1/3 cup honey 1 teaspoon vanilla Preparation: Place  ...

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Shannon White's 2015 Will Do List!
This is my year to focus on one word:  “ME” 1. NO more stopping and starting All commitments are 100% 2. Starting Jan 1 2015 T25 with Shawn T and I will complete the 60 day program. 3. Jan 4th 2015, I have made a full commitment to Yvonne’s 60 day Back in y...
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