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Mike B
Z Stacy , Edelman , V Jax ?  Standard pick 1
1 ppr need 1 - M. Wallace, T. Hilton, Da'Rick (Playing Luck if that matters).  Thanks!
PPR: pick 3 please: Pitta, Da'Rick, Todman, Ridley, Reece, Burleson, J. Boykin, Ace Sanders, Asiata? Thanks Sig. 
Hey Sig,  would you gamble on Patterson in Non-PPR flex over Garcon/C.J.Spiller? Currently a slight underdog in my matchup after the Tamme debacle. If not, go with Spiller?
Bush/Bell, Jordy or Cordarelle at flex today?  .5 PPR.  Worried Bush won't go.  Feel free to tell me I'm overthinking this and to just go with Bush.
pick four dez, AJ green, Jeffery, lacy, vereen. .5ppr
Thanks for getting me this far...

Pick 3 in standard scoring: eddie lacy, alfred morris, demarco murray, or shane vereen. 
standard pick wr and flex, jordy, vjax, ogb, rainey
Mike B
Mendenhall , B Tate or K Wright ? ppr pick 1
Hey Sig!!  All ppr leagues:
1) need 2 from: And.Brown- Stacy-Colston- Cooper and Jordy.
2)Brady orRomo and 1 from: Fitz-Edeleman- A.Johnson-Gore-Spiller
Hey Bloom, Cutler or Kap?  Vic Cruz or Steve Smith in PPR? 
Pick 2 PPR:  Andre Brown, Spiller, Tate, Witten, D. Walker.
.5 PPR pick 2, jordy, andre brown, julian, rainey, thank you.
would you start Cutler over either Romo or R Wilson?
And Roddy or VJax in PPR?
g.tate, t.smith, r.randle, v.cruz? i need 2 out of the 3 
Eric NF
champ week; .5 ppr, start 1 of VJax, Bernard, Colston
Hey Sig!  Down 15 after thursday night and need upside.  Cutler OR Tanehill/Gore OR Cruz at flex?  Thanks.
Good Morning Bloom, std scoring pitta or fleener, and Jax or Saints?
PPR  WR Fitzgerald or Edelman?  Standard TE - Clay or Fleener?
Morning Bloom, tough oen here - need 2 in standard scoring: Lacy, Stacy, Vereen.
Morning Sig, I have a logjam at my final flex spot - 1/2 PPR and 1 PP KR/PR yard - Sproles, Roddy, TY, Joique, Pitta, Ellington, Da'Rick.
wondering about cutler or matt ryan, thanks for your input
.5 ppr and 25 yard/point for return yards would you risk cordarrelle Patterson over aj green? Demaryius and Gordon are my other WR. Also jordan todman or Chris ogbayanna?

Spiller or Andre Brown? Cameron or Pitta? Non-PPR for both. Played Decker, so I think I need to go for upside. Thanks!
In flex spot start  Ben Tate @Ind or Larry Fitzgerald @ Ten nonPPR
Need 2. NonPPR.  Cordarrelle, Fitz, Andre Brown or Ben Tate. Thanks, Mr. Bloom
Lacy or Stacy? Need 1: Ace S, Mi Floyd, or Burleson (Std)?
Need 1: Patterson, Crabtree, or James J (ppr)?
Mike B
Colston or Nelson ? ppr
Facing Garcon in a league that awards big bonus points for long TDs. Already had Allen go, he had Rivers go... Do I go with Cutler or Cousins?
WR :  TY Hilton vs Houston, Cordarrelle Patterson vs Eagles or Torrey Smith vs Lions?  PPR(1pt./rec.)
Eagles Def over Ravens now that AP and Gerhart are out?
non ppr, A Brown, S Jackson or CJ?  thanks for your input
12-team, PPR Flex: Ray Rice, Rashad Jennings, Bobby Rainey, Boykin, or DeAndre Hopkins? #TIA  
can start 2 non ppr  R Bush, L Bell pit, A. Morris, A. Brown nyg,  J Bell det, or Rainey.  Need to know if i wait and play Bush or J Bell  on monday or play one of the others guys. Thanks
Cutler or Kap?
PPR Ace Sanders or Crabtree?
Great stuff Sigmund!
Tannehill or Cutler?  15+mph in Cleve,  Thanks
Mike B
B Tate or Mendenhall ? ppr
as always, thank you for your input: Cutler or Matt Ryan?
Need 2 out of Fred Jackson, Bobby Rainey, Sproles, and Edelman.  Thanks!
J Bell, Blount or Asiata?   PPR.  Thanks
Sigmund, need 1 RB & 2 flex. Non-ppr, long TD bonus. Alfred Morris, Zac Stacey, S-Jax, Bobby Rainey, Josh Gordon, Torrey Smith & Jordy Nelson
need 1 in non ppr: A Brown, S Jackson or CJ?  appreciate your time
Pick 3 PPR: Wright, Cooper, Edelman, C-Patt; thanks!
PPR - Stacy, Bernard, CJ?k, A. Brown, or Bush/Bell?
I'm still in it Bloom! So got a couple for you:

First, flex, standard league: A Brown, Todman, or Colston?

Next: Which D to pick up and play: Saints, Jags, Titans?
thanks!  last question.  this time need safety/higher floor - Roethlisberger OR Tannehill?  6pts per TD pass scoring
Eric NF
champ week; .5 ppr, start 1 of VJax, Bernard, Colston (sorry, may have gotten skipped)
leaning toward S Jackson over A Brown or CJ, agree?  Thank you!
Non-ppr - Sit one of: Andre Johnson, Dez, Murray, Lacy, Vereen
2 of Todman, Rice, Rainey. Looking for upside, playing a good team.
All ppr leagues, thanks again Sig!!
1)Need 2 from :Bell/Bush-Garcon-Amendola-Cooper
2)Need 2 from: B.Tate-Boldin-Jordy-Smiff-Patterson
 AND Tanny or Wilson at QB
Ppr: Stacy or wait on Reggie or joique. Concern is New Orleans really dominating the ball in that game. You like the rams defense to play well?
My plan is to keep Reggie and Torrey available for flex, yes/no? Who should go as RB2 - Gio or Andre Brown? I feel like Andre reps limited when they get behind early. Thanks a ton!!
Torrey Smith or Jordy Nelson non ppr?
How much do the Vikings' RB injuries lower Foles' upside? Start Cam Newton instead?
Thanks Sig!
6pt TD, need 1: Cutler, Flacco or Dalton? Thanks Sig!
Hey Sig....two questions, same league. Standard scoring. QB: Stafford or Foles. Flex, need one: Antonio Brown, Andre Brown, Reggie Bush (inj?) OR get Ogbonnaya off WW?
Da'rick Rogers or James Jones (standard)
Eagles or Saints DST now that the vikings are down to their third string RB
Need 2 RBs from this group. PPR league and I'm a pretty big favorite. Vereen, gore, spiller? I'm thinking vereen and gore to play it safe...
Pick one for my FLEX STANDARD SCORING: Bmarshall, Alshon, Andre Brown, Reggie Bush, CJ Spiller, Jordan Todman
PPR: Andre Brown or Pierre Thomas and should I drop Hauschka for Alex Henery or am I just over thinking that too much and let Hausch role in the cold weather?   #Kickermania  
Andre Brown, R Bush/Bell or Ridley  non ppr?
K/ST/D combination: Patriots or Cardinals? I don't see this in a ton of leagues so it makes it tougher.
AP bind here.  I need 2 of these 4 for RB and Flex.  .5PPR - Ellington, Todman, Ogbonnaya, and Steve Smith.  Thank you!
tough one, PPR need a TE...Cameron, Pitta, Walker
J Weeks
PPR, pick 2: LFitz, Stacy, Jordy, Todman, Patterson, Jennings
Thanks Bloom, long time follower of Twitter/Podcasts!
Not sure if kicker questions are allowed here, but if they are, do you like walsh more or less w/o peterson and gerhart.  need all pts i can get today.  thank you!
Pick two rb n flex.. gore, stacy, Andre brown, Jordan todman, CJ2K. Jordan Cameron? Non ppr 
Mike B
B Tate or Mendenhall ppr ?
Last one for me today: ppr leagues:
Need 2 from: B.Tate-Boldin-Jordy-Smiff-Patteson AND Tanny or Wilson?
Thanks for all your hard work Sig!!
Roddy White, Garcon, or Edelman. Need two!!! Thank you!!
D rank: Philly, Bills, cowboys in that order?
Need 1 - 1/2 PPR, 1 pt KR/PR Yd - Roddy, Sproles, TY, Ellington, Joique, Da'Rick, Pitta.
C Lee
Start one in ppr/ long td bonus: Andre brown, jordy, vjax. After TNF I'm favored, but he still has Calvin.. Ty
PPR- Jordy or Fitzy? Vereen or DeMarco?
thank you for your help
0.5 ppr, todman, fjax or sproles?
Std scoring: Reggie Bush or Chris Johnson? Thanks.
Non PPR, Delanie Walker or Dennis Pitta this week?
Need to chose between Cousins and Palmer (RG3 owner). Whaddya say, Bloom?
Last one for me today: ppr leagues:
Need 2 from: B.Tate-Boldin-Jordy-Smiff-Patteson AND Tanny or Wilson?
Thanks for all your hard work Sig!!
Mike B
Colston, K Wright, Nelson & J Cameron ppr pick 2 Bloom. Thanks sir
nate burleson or jordan todman in flex, non ppr. thanks!
Brown, colston, or todman in flex standard?
PPR Underdog:
Cooper, Cordarelle, Cruz, DaRick
Need 1 with highest upside
Boyce, Goodwin, or Hopkins as desperation play?
.5 PPR:  Todman, Rainey, FJax - Need One. 
Flex spot .5 point PPR andre brown, garcon or edelman
Is Cordarrelle over Jordy crazy? I'm decently favored
Thanks Sig!
I'm heavily favored in this one:
Safest QB:
Cutler, Smith, Kaepernick
One more, if you can. Bench 1 (non-PPR): Nelson, Hilton, Patterson, Amendola
Thank you! That was my gut from the beginning. Go Edelman!!!1
better keeper for next year non PPR: Christine Michael or Lattimore?
Sorry, wanted to make sure I understood. Spiller over Patterson in non-ppr flex? Thanks, Sig!
Tarun G
help...andrew luck or matt ryan. and ben tate or fitz or gio for flex. would really appreciate it mr. bloom
Hey Sig! .5 PPR - Pierre Thomas or Jordan Todman?
Prime T
Tannehill Campbell or Big Ben?  Thanks!
Tough decisions for me. Pick 3 for RB and 2 flex play in non-ppr: R. Jennings, Ellington, Gio Bernard, D. Brown, Riley Cooper, or Todman?

Stafford or Smith, -1 for incompletions. Thanks@
Tarun G
hey mr bloom..just following up..luck or ryan. and pick on...tate, gio, fitz. would really appreciate it. thank you.

Roddy White, Garcon, or Edelman. Need two!!! Thank you!!

No ap, so levion bell, toddy(Jacksonville), spiller, or sproles, its ppr
Looks like I'm screwed with AP and Gerhart out, pick 1 RB and 1 Flex from Lacy, Pierre Thomas, Steve Smith, Boykin, Crabtree... PPR
Start Cutler of Alex Smith at QB?  For flex do I take a chance on Reggie Bush or start Sproles, Rod Streater, Stevie Johnson or Danny Amendola in full PPR?
PPR League. Mike Floyd or Joique Bell?
Thanks Sig. Next decision is also in a 1ppr league...Golden Tate, Da'Rick, or Cordarrelle?
Need upside: PPR, 1.5 PPR for TE: Gonzo, Witten, Da'Rick Rogers, Kendall Wright, Gore?
Cutler or Cousins? (50YPP, TD 6, extra 3 points for 40+ yard TD). Facing Garcon, He had rivers go, I had allen. Somewhat enticed by knowing garcon can't go nuts if i start cousins...
PICK TWO standard league-- Cruz, Ellington, BG-E, Ridley, Floyd.  Thanks!
Thoughts on j.bell v stacey in a league where rec yds > rush yds?  Stacey is a late game so will see most of other players.  Which if winning vs losing?
Bloom! 1-point PPR - Le'Veon Bell or Alshon Jeffery at flex?
Hi Sig, Maybe I'm too late, but I need one of these in a .5ppr w/long td bonus:  Alshon Jeffrey or Reggie Bush?  I have Joique Bell to back up Bush, too.  Thanks!
Jordan Cameron or Dennis Pitta? standard scoring league
Kendall Wright, Tate or Srpoles. Non ppr
Pick 3 (.5 PPR): Reggie Bush, Z Stacy, VJAX, Jordy Nelson
sig 2?s ppr fred jackson or silent g; pick 1, ppr with te 1.5 ppr:  fred jackson, cruz, wallace, or pitta
Pick two non-PPR: Ben Tate, Spiller, Fitz, or VJax?

Also is it safe to leave Lacy in RB slot or use flex to be safe? 
PPR: K. Wright, Jam. Jones, M. Crabtree or S. Johnson? D. Rogers and J. Hunter available in FA. Same league, pick 2 between Z. Stacy, J. Todman, R.Jennings and R. Bush.
Hey Sig.  Tell me i'm doing the right thing in sticking with R Wilson today @ Giants, and keeping Kaepernick on the bench?
T.Y. Hilton or Rod Streater standard league?
Roddy or Bush at flex in PPR?  Luck or Cutler? Thanks!!!
As a Bell owner (not Bush), in a 16 team league, should I play him with confidence?
Hey Sig - . Week 15 playoffs - injury risk w/ Lacy or Stacy with game context risk? Also Edelman vs James Jones? thanks as always for taking the time!
.5 PPR league flex decision: Golden Tate or Delanie Walker?
Sig, Todman or Giovanni Bernard today? Thanks.
Have Lacy penciled in, but worried about reps. Alternatives are CJ2K, Ogbonnaya, Sproles, or I could pick up BGE.
Mike B
Z Stacy or Todman ? standard
sorry...meant 3 total (1 RB, 2 flex) in non-ppr: R. Jennings, Ellington, Gio Bernard, D. Brown, Riley Cooper, or Todman?

where do you have Cutler ranked this week?  You confident with him? I'm so torn.
Standard....need RB2 & Flex...andre brown, vereen, stacy, spiller, tate, dez?
PPR, Ridley or Asiata?  Also, deciding on Gordon vs. Calvin in daily leagues, does the snow in CLE break the tie here?
.5 pt ppr, pick 2: rainey, Chris Johnson, Todman. Thanks
Hey, Sig.  Romo or Alex Smith today? I've been suffering from too many sub-par fantasy days from Romo, and maybe Smith can get some quality rushing yards today, too?
Flex .5 PPR Steve Smith, Ogby, or Ellington?  Thanks!
hilton or cordarrelle patterson? standard
+Footballguys ok, I cant decide: PPR, spiller at jax, obe wan kanobe vs chi, asiata vs phi, vjax vs SF, darick rodgers vs hou, need 2
Prime T
Eagles or Bills at DST?
Need 2 in non-PPR--Todman, Spiller, Gio.  1 WR between Nelson and Rogers?  Thanks!
Hey sig!  Thanks for this.
Standard, Start 3: Sproles, Todman, JBell, RStreater, GTate, James Jones
Andre Brown versus Pierre Thomas in PPR?  Do I go with the better matchup/less chance for touches (Thomas?) or Bad Matchup/Little chance to lose carries (Brown)? Thank man!  
+Footballguys Yeah. He was already penciled in to start. Maybe Smith can overcome Moreno's stinker for me to advance.
standard scoring with return yards, if MJD is out, should I go with Donald Brown or Jacquizz Rogers or wait and play Joique Bell?  I also have Reggie Bush.
1)pick one - chris obgy, toddman, elllington
2)non ppr - darick rogers or Baldwin
Ralph A
Help PPR, Culter/Romo, Flex- wait on Bush or Todman if starting OR Streater or Fleener OR pu Marlon Brown as Bush handcuff?
PPR: TY or VJax?  SF and DEF: Buf or Phi? Thanks!
PPR league: Ellington, Law Firm or Vikings Asiata
Campbell or Dalton? Or avoid both and WW a pick due to weather concerns?
Who is more likely to get at least 10 points? Frank Gore or Reggie Bush? 0.5ppr
ogbon or andre brown? todman ogbon or spiller? cousins or campbell 6pt td 5pt 300 yds??
Tannehill or Matt Ryan?
Standard league- Andre Brown or Gio Bernard?
0.5PPR: Vernon Davis or Charles Clay? I get the feeling SF will run a lot today. Clay's also been hot.
In a PPR would you go Greg Jennings, Asiata, ellington, or randal at flex? Thanks
Who do I hold on to in case I make it wk 16: TEN D (vs JAX) or DET D (vs NYG)? Thanks!
Leveon Bell, CJ Spiller, or Shane Vereen? TD heavy league.
PPR Flex: Michael Floyd or Joique Bell?
do i risk starting reggie bush my only other option is chris ogbonnaya?
+Footballguys ok, I cant decide: PPR, spiller at jax, obe wan kanobe vs chi, asiata vs phi, vjax vs SF, darick rodgers vs hou, need 2
Hey, Sigmund : spiller, hilton, fred Jax, streator in a ppr flex? 
Standard, Start 3: Sproles, Todman, JBell, RStreater, GTate, James Jones
One more for you bloom. 0.5 ppr at flex: roddy white, jason todman, sproles?
James Jones or Crabtree?  Why is it assumed revis will cover Crabtree?
CKap or Cutler (in bad weather)
Cutler, Wilson or Romo? Cutler's potential rust scares me with Haden on field
Need 2 from Steve Smith, Crabtree, Reggie Bush and ridley...ppr
Non ppr league. Choose one: ray rice, Jordy Nelson, or Riley Cooper?
Heith K
Start 1 at flex: R Bush, J Bell, Garcon
Tannehill or Romo? non-ppr need 1RB & 2 WR, Spiller, Rainey, or Gio? Nelson, Garcon, or A.Brown?
3 WR league...Fitzgerald, Edelman, Torrey Smith, Bowe or Harry Douglas? 

Please pick 2 guys for FLEX non PPR: Ant. Brown, Spiller, SSmith, Le'Veon.  Thanks
Todman, Andre Brown or R Jennings as FLEX in a NON-PPR? Thanks!
Std league. Obgonnoya vs bears or Andre brown vs seattle
Std league - Martellus Bennett or Dennis Pitta at TE?
PPR flex pick - Bush or Cameron? Thanks!
PPR underdog, play Garcon in the flex today or Bush tomorrow
Lacy concern you at all? Would you sit for Benard or Tate?
victor cruz or justin hunter.... also zac stacy, jennings, or fred jackson?
Garcon or Edelman? Standard scoring.  Thanks!
One more. Pick 2 - Sproles, Gio, JBell. 0.5 PPR.  Really appreciate it.
Happy Holidays Bloom, std scoring need 1 rb sjax, law firm, or Deangelo. Also Pitta or Fleener.
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