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Sigmund Bloom of +Footballguys is here to answer your Week 16 questions! #FFCentral  #FantasyFootball
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Hey Sig! 0.5 PPR Pick 3 Alshon Jeffrey, Megatron, Garcon or Edelman
Sig, Looks like MJD is going to play so pick one, TD heavy, Todman, Ivory or Pitta?  Thanks!
Morning Sig, Ben, Cutler or Romo? Weather play a factor in GB?
Good Morning! I'm going for the 1st Undefeated Season in our league's history.. I have 2 tossups
QB(1) - Romo, Dalton or Flacco
TE(1) - Gates, Clay, Quarless, or Ertz
Standard Scoring... Todman, Ridley, Green-Ellis, Ellington, Baker.. Please help  
Need RB #2 and flex. Pick two Moreno, Todman, Vereen and D. Johnson...
Need three non ppr: Ball, D. Johnson, Vareen, F. Jackson, or Todman
Hey Sig, sit two in non PPR. Going against a STACKED team:
Dez, Garcon, Keenan Allen, Andre Johnson
Murray, Lacy, S Vereen
Mike B
Morning Bloom , it's championship game day !!!! I just wanna thank you for all the laughs this year , I enjoy every year with Footballguys ! Ok let's get down to bizz... If Mega Tron doesn't play who do you like Streater , Baldwin , D Moore , Nicks ? ppr
Need QB pick for champoinship. Going against Dalton. Have Kaep, Cutler, Cousins and Fitzgerald....
Mike B
Pick 2 Bloom .... Z Stacy, R Mathews or A Morris ? standard thanks Bloom
Romo or Foles today. Looks like potentially bad weather in both games. 
.5 per completion Foles or Stafford.  Also, has your choice on Lions v Panthers changed with the weather in Carolina
Risk a limited Brady in potentially low scoring game vs Ravens, or risk Trestman sitting Cutler vs Eagles?
Matt D
Marshawn Lynch scares me this week. Why wud Seattle play him all game? Im worried he'll get fewer carries. Wud D Will make a better play? I cud see D Will getting 20 carries and maybe 4 or so catches
Jordy or Montee Ball in my flex today ? .5 PPR
MJD or Fred Jackson at my flex? Std scoring, have Moreno and Matthews at RB.
.5 ppr, Rainey, R.Jennings, Vereen, Decker, or Todman? Need 1.
Sig my man. Thank you for all the help this yr. Made it to the Champ thanks to you guys. Can't decide who to bench, standard league. DJax, K. Allen, AP, Moreno. Who do you like better at tight end, Pitta or Delanie? Any truth to the rumor about Eagles resting players tonight? Thanks again and good luck everyone!
Happy Holidays Bloom, Would you consider Big Ben or R Fitz over Brees today? It's suppose to be wet and sloppy in CAR today. Thanks.
Who starts, Romo, Tannehill, or Fitzpatrick?
spiller, rainey, or j todman, non ppr.  thanks!
andrew quarless or zach ertz also kendall wright edelemen or zac stacy for .5 ppr
1)  (PPR) my opponent is starting Dalton/AJ Green. Do I start Marvin Jones or Amendola? 
2) Romo or Fitzpatrick (-2 turnover)?
12 tm ppr pick 2 bush lacy vareen? Flex one of those or Keenan Allen? Thanks
Tucker(in the rain) over Henery(i have foles at QB)?

also Vereen vs Andre Johnson (PPR)
PPR  Fitzgerald, D Baldwin, or R Streator... thanks
Matt D
ok, so i'm new here. saw sigmund's post on twitter about this chat. does he come on this page and answer questions?
Happy Holidays Bloom, need 1 rb sjax, law firm, or Deangelo. Also Pitta or Fleener?
Hey Bloom, thanks for all the help making it to the finals, wouldn't have made it w/o the podcasts and footballguys.  Kap or Cutler today?  Steve Smith, Robert Woods, Justin Hunter, or Cordarrelle Patterson in half-point ppr?  Thanks again and good luck in your games.
PPR, pick one:  Spiller, Dennis Johnson, Lamar Miller, Chris Ivory
Sig, great work as always.  PPR MJD, Todman or Dennis Johnson today?
Downgrade Romo due to storms?? VJax or K.Allen -ppr?? Thanks!
Standard scoring. Pick 1: Spiller, Todman, Dennis Johnson, Joique Bell. Sad the Todman show may be over. 
.5 ppr league lynch Morris, Stacy,
Bernard, vereen pick 3

Fyi I am also starting cousins and garçon 
PPR: Todman, Dennis Johnson or Ridley? Thanks Sig.
Should I even be considering putting Todman over Peterson?  Any news on AP's status?  Thanks as always.
PPR 1pt 12team Tom Brady vs Andy Dalton, TY Hilton vs Marvin Jones? Im playing against Peyton whose guaranteed to have a huge day. 
Agonising over Dalton or Brady as my QB Sigmund, clarity needed!
D/ST question KC vs Indy or TENNESSE vs Jax
Need 2 (std scoring): Randle/D Moore/Caldwell/Mi Floyd/Burleson (Slim pickins)? Thanks.
Standard scoring. Massive underdog today. Please pick 3. Andre Brown, Joique, Rivers, Dennis Johnson, Jordy, Tolbert. Yeah I know, ugly. Thanks again.
Happy Holidays Sigmund!  Championship Game Help needed. I have 3 slots open 1 WR, 1 RB & 1 W/R  PPR league.  RB Remaining: Andre Brown and Z. Stacy.  WR remaining R.Randle, A.Caldwell, Torrey Smith, R. Cooper?  I have changed it up endless times already.  Any suggestions greatly appreciated.  Good Luck to all FF's still in the playoffs!!
C Lee
Need one: fleener/MLewis/RGriffen in ppr performance league? Also pick two: jordy/todman/gio/streater/AHolmes in ppr performance league. Thanks 
Happy Holidays Sigmund and thanks for another great season!
Are you going to make any decisions based on weather this week? I need to decide between A.Jeffrey or K.Allen? and between Cutler or Kaepernick? Standard scoring, slight favorite, no PPR, my opponent has Rivers. 
Need 2 nonppr Murray Morris Bell Jennings
Happy Holidays, Sig!  The weather today is shifting my decisions maybe?  Cutler vs. Alex Smith (KC weather looks much better), Alshon vs. Keenan Allen? (Does heavy rain in game slow Alshon down?), and MIA DEF vs. KC DEF?  Where would you go with those choices?  (Edit: I just saw the post above from The Speck. Sorry for the duplicate).
Tough choice in PPR - J. Nelson of K. Wright?
hey dude! first - thanks for all the fantastic work this year...a huge part of why i'm in the 'ship to begin with. can't decide between chris johnson or gio bernard for flex. all the footballguys have johnson slightly ahead. given cj's struggles against JAX last time and gio's juicy matchup, can you elaborate on why this is? thanks and enjoy your holiday!
Feeling down this week. Got knocked out of the championship game by Tucker's 61 yarder last week. Stafford and Pitta's bad games cost me too. Was the #1 seed after following your advice all season then my team had their worst week of the season.

Need some advice. Stafford or CK today? Vereen or Spiller? PPR league...
.5 PPR.  I need two Julius, Vereen, Todman, or Moreno?
Gut call - Wilson or Cutler (standard 4pt. TDs)?
.5 PPR for the Title.  My RB's are AP and Dennis Johnson.  I need help with flex - Todman, L. Miller, Ellington, or Andre Caldwell?  Thanks!
Hey sig-- as always, thank you for answering questions!

Standard league
Pick 2: andre brown, alfred morris, gio or spiller
Tannehill or cousins

Ppr 0.5
Roddy white or sproles at flex
Luck or cousins? 
Hi Bloom, Weather affects 2 of these guys, but circumstance sometimes trumps weather. 3 diffrerent start times as well. I have to start 2: Cutler, Dalton and Rivers.
aaron s
6 pnt td....fitz, cousins, luck, or smith...going up vs, rivers.....
Thanks for the awesome support all season, Sig! Please pick two between Alshon, Decker and Allen. Non-PPR. 
Feels great to still be asking for ur help in week 16. Get money time!! Thanks for your help all year. Final question of the year:

1ppr...Burleson or Marvin Jones? Leaning Jones b/c of upside...
Romo, or Tannehill? Or pick up Fitzpatrick? Need flex .5ppr, R.Jennings, Decker, Rainey, Vereen, or Todman?
Cousins or Alex Smith? Downgrade Cousins due to the rain in DC?
Hey Sigmund. 1ppr. With MJD possibly playing, Start MJD, Todman or Amendola? Thanks for taking the time every week!
QB(1) - Romo, Dalton or Flacco
Bloom need 1 rb std scoring sjax, bje, or deangelo also pitta or fleener
cutler or rivers & pick 1 flex, edelman, andre brown, vareen, ivory.  non PPR
Week 16, fortunate to be here and thanks for your help all season, Sig.  A few quick hitters:  Ride with Cam or sub in Cutler?  Car D or Rams D?  FInally - Ertz, Z Miller or Pitta.  Thanks again!!
Andy B
Fitzpatrick inside of the top 10 wow
Do you think there is any truth to Eagles / Bears players not playing if circumstances allow it? I've got Jackson and wondering if I need a contingency plan. Thanks!
1)  (PPR) my opponent is starting Dalton/AJ Green. Do I start Marvin Jones or Amendola?
2) Romo or Fitzpatrick (-2 turnover)?
PPR Flex: DeSean Jackson vs CHI or Giovanni Bernard vs MIN? #tia
1 pt. PPR. Start MJD, Todman, Amendola or Andre Brown? Thanks for the help!
Sig, I made championship in both my leagues thanks in large part to you!  Thank you.  Couple of quick questions for my one championship game which is pretty much dead even according to yahoo projections.  First, Detroit or St. Louis DST?  Second, I know it's crapshoot but would you go Sturgis at Buffalo, Graham at Carolina or Walsh at Cincy?  Thanks again for all of your help!
Hey Sig, ppr flex Vereen, Keenan Allen or Andre brown. Thanks
Mathews, Vereen, or Nelson in PPR.. Pick one.

How about Broncos D @ HOU or Panthers vs NO? Cheers!!
Cincy D worrying me, do you like Detroit or Carolina more? Thanks!
Lost Jordan Cameron, .5 ppr - TEs available: Mercedes Lewis, Fauria, and Myers.

Flex: Pierre Thomas, E. Sanders, Steve Smith?

D: browns over patriots?
QB: Dalton or Kaep?

First year rookie for fantasy, I am in two championships! Please help me!
Br K
nonPPR flex:  Ivory, Lamar Miller, Crabtree, or Joique (starting Bush)?
PPR pick 3 from Moreno, CJ2K, Todman, Vereen, Andre Brown
Kendall Wright or T.Y. Hilton in a standard league?
One flex spot, PPR: Doug Baldwin, Rueben Randle, Rainey or Cooper? Thanks as always.
Who has higher floor joique or gio?
PPR, 1/20 ru/re
Need a flex player what's your thought?

Marvin Jones cin/wr
D Woodhead sd/rb
D. Williams car/rb

MJD playing threw me for a loop.  Would appreciate help with a flex for PPR. Options are:  Todman, Andre Brown, R Streater, Deangelo Williams, Steven Jackson.
going for repeat but facing Manning, calvin, Graham, sea d, flex decision is killing me Andre Johnson or leveon bell? ppr league
Nelson or spiller in PPR? Looks like a lot of snow in GB!
PPR, 1/10 rec.
Need a flex
V. Jackson
K. Allen
D. Johnson rb/hou

Foles, forte, Morris, gordon, d.jackson, j.graham.

Should I hang tough with Brady, even though the game plan may call for extra protection to help against Suggs and Dumervill, with LT out and Mankins moving to tackle? Or its it time to tinker and go with Philip Rivers this week? Basically should I stay or should I go now?
Rainey, todman or spiller. Witten or d walker. Both non ppr
With the MJD news I have 4 options for my flex. .5 RB, 1 WR PPR. D.williams, fitgerald, Todman, Greg Jennings.
If Megatron sits, who is the nonPPR flex? Andre Holmes, marlon brown, Ladarius green or Luke Wilson? OR bench Megatron for Spiller? Thanks Sig!
Hey Bloom, with weather looming in Philly and possibly nothing to play for, do you start Foles (if active) or go with Kaepernick in a strong matchup?
Need one more TE in 1.5 PPR - Witten, Gonzo or Griffin? 
TD only with Distance Bonus: FJackson vs Todman and Ertz vs Marcedes Lewis?
Martellus Bennet or Charles Clay at TE? Danny Amendola or Rod Streater as WR3? Which WR has higher upside? Both in full PPR, I'm a very slight favorite in the matchup.
Non ppr sit 1 Dez, A Johnson, Gordon, Streater
Hey Sig-  Non PPR, pick one flex:  Woodhead, CJ Spiller, or Todman?
1 pt. ppr. MJD or Andre Brown? Appreciate the help!
Ralph A
GM! DST... Panthers, Browns, Chargers or Titans. (Yardage and points against scoring)
Prime T
Hey Bloom! Hope all is well with you on your end. Non-ppr bonuses @ 100 yards rushing/receiving and 300 yards passing.

Pick one QB: Big Ben - Cousin - Fitzpatrick
Pick two RB's: Spiller - Toddman - Dennis Johnson - Ivory

PPR pretty set on not playing Fitz. Only real options are S. Moss or Caldwell. Foles or Cutler tonight?
.25 ppr which te - pitta, gates, tim wright
probably over thinking this one but roddy white or Baldwin

Thanks for the speedy help.  I've got two last ones.  6 pt passing tds:  Kaepernick or Alex Smith?   Also, non ppr:  Alfred Morris or CJ2K?
Last question.  Any concerns Foles might be benched if Cowboys win?
Thanks for all your help this season! see you on the other side
I have to start 2: Cutler, Dalton and Rivers. TD=6
Ian Li
Really really can't decide between gio b or alfred morris at rb2.... or do i play both and bench one of dt88, keenan allen, or djax?  
Still thinking MJD over Andre Brown and Amendola? Nervous about this one!
Thanks, you said P. THOMAS for flex.. I didnt mention Riley Cooper, still stick with PT?

1) (PPR) my opponent is starting Dalton/AJ Green. Do I start Marvin Jones or Amendola?
2) Romo or Fitzpatrick (-2 turnover)?
Thanks a ton for opening up this chat Sigmund!
Romo or Newton, looking for safe 15pt floor
KC D or MIA D, now official that Houston out, and not-EJManuel at QB for Buf?
Is Nate Burleson worth the immediate pickup if Calvin doesn't suit up?
Luck, Ryan Fitz or Cousins? V-Jax or Edelman? Gio or Andre Brown? All non-PPR. Thanks Sig!
PPR levion bell in snow, mike wallace vs bills or broncos guy caldwell.
Standard scoring. Gio Benard or Vereen?
How's it going Sig?  Zach Ertz tonight vs CHI or Fauria vs NYG?  Pettigrew out
Hail Mary Tight End needed: Timmy Wright, Marcedes, Zach Miller, Ryan Griffin, Quarless...other?  Thanks Sig
For the Championship! .5 ppr flex: Todman, Cooper, Caldwell or Patterson
scraping the bottom of the barrel at QB in superflex. Campbell, Flynn, or Ryan? Pick 2 or 1 and Delanie Walker?
Hi Sig, with Megatron truly questionable at 4:05pm est. according to Adam Schefter, should I replace him in a PPR with Kendall Wright for the 1pm est. game?  Or wait until closer to the 4pm games and if Megatron is out start Rod Streater, Doug Baldwin or Nate Burleson?
Standard League, is it okay to slot in MJD for Todman now since he's active? or play the high-risk game with Todman?
No - for turnover, fitz, tanne, or romo? .5ppr flex rainey, decker, vereen, or r.jennings?
Hey Sig...should I go with lions, rams or dolphins?   luck or fitzpatrick?   MDJ or Dennis Johnson?  Dez or Vjax?
I was going to start Todman, so that's gone. Would you start Caldwell or Ryan Griffin at flex?
Sig, 2 ?s
foles or brees; d Johnson or f Jackson

I'm very concerned about the weather in Chicago, should I start fitzpatrick over foles?
With the recent news about Calvin Johnson, how worried does this make you to start him and Matthew Stafford? Being a late game what would you do there?
Pick 1 for non-ppr: Fitz, R. Cooper, G. Jennings, or B. Hartline?
Worries about Philly benching players...

Matt Stafford or Nick Foles?
DJax or Allen as my WR2 this week? Standard league. I have Foles at QB and every time he throws a long pass or TD, I'm all like please be DJax. But Allen has better matchup and weather. Happy Holidays everyone. 
With Houston out - Luck or Fitzpatrick?  4pt TD, -2 for INT
Hey man, if calvin is out should i start romo over stafford? or stick with stafford? and who do you like at flex vjax or gio bernard? thanks man
Need 3 in PPR:  Antonio Brown, D.Thomas, Jeffery, Garcon, Keenan Allen.
Cant decide on what 3, 0.5ppr : AP, ALF, Mathews, Gio, Vereen, Todman
Dance with who brought me or bench Brees for Cutler?
Need to bench 1. .5 PPR.  Peterson, Gio,  Antoino Brown, K.Allen, or Andre Johnson? I am 8 PT underdog in Super Bowl. Happy Holidays!    Thanks again for all that you do !
With the news of MJD starting would you stick with Todman at flex or go with Ellington Fitz, or Rice?
If Calvin Johnson is out, who do you like best as a PPR replacement? Doug Baldwin, Rod Streater or Nate Burleson?
Standard league, need 2
D. Will, MJD, Todman, Colston
Now with this jax mess gotta think Williams and colston
With Houston out - Luck or Fitzpatrick?  4pt TD, -2 for INT
Todman, Rainey or Law firm, yes I made the superbowl with this crap stock of RBs. lol.
One other idea for Calvin Johnson potentially not playing in my PPR. I could put Kendall Wright in his place as my WR2 and shift Calvin to the Flex over Vereen.  If Calvin plays, I could play him as my flex and have Vereen on bench.  If Calvin inactive, I could leave Shane Vereen in the Flex.  So essentially I could do Kendall Wright as WR2 and either Megatron or Vereen as Flex.  Or I could leave Megatron as WR2 and Vereen as flex, and replace Megatron with Rod Streater at WR2 if Mega is out.  (someone grabbed Baldwin b4 I could so I had to get Streater).  Sorry for long explanation, hope it makes sense.
pick 2 for non-ppr: R. Cooper, Fitz, Hartline or Ray Rice?
andre holmes, nate burleson (if calvin doesnt play), or michael floyd in standard league?
.5PPR, Need to pick 2. Stacy, Morris, Mathews. Thanks!
Standard scoring (and am big underdog, so probably need high upside rather than safe). Need 1 RB and 1 Flex. MJD, Todman, Woodhead, Hartline, Patterson. Thanks!
.5 ppr, pick one: todman, d. johnson, ivory, d. brown, 
non-ppr: edelman or vereen?
Todman, Joique bell, or andre Ellington?
Ralph A
6pt TDs Cutler Cousins Romo? Thx
My question didn't get answered today, but I still really appreciate all the guidance I've gotten from you throughout the season, Sigmund! Rock on, Footballguys!
Thanks for answering all of the questions. GL everyone.
Follow @ttwentyman and @davebirkett on Twitter for Calvin Johnson updates.  They both are leaning towards Megatron playing at this point.  Let's hope so!!
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