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Sigmund Bloom from +Footballguys is here to answer your burning questions for Week 14. #FantasyFootball  #FFCentral
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Good morning Bloom RG3 Big Ben or EJ stad socring
J. Cameron or J. Reed PPR...a little worried that Reed was practicing without contact on Friday
Standard: Michael Floyd or TY Hilton?
Standard: Spiller or Rashad Jennings?
PPR: Nate Burleson or Jarett Boykin? 
Thanks Sig.
Morning Sig, flex spot - 1/2 PPR, 1 pt per KR/PR yard - pick one from TY, Sproles and Montee. Thanks
Mike B
Good playoff fantasy sunday Bloom ! Are you still going with Reed over L Green ? ppr
Good morning.  Alex Smith or RG3.  Also, Willis or DeAngelo, non-PPR...Thanks
Mornin Sig! Romo or McCown (5pt td pass) Spiller or Rainey in ppr?
Flex non ppr: sjax, Chris Johnson, Cruz, Vereen?
Mike B
Steelers or Panthers D ?
Good Morning! Audie Cole or Jason Worilds? 1pt tack, .75 assist, 3pt -> sack, int, ff..Thanx!
Martellus Bennett or lad. Green? Standard 
In 0.5 PPR, pick 2: Floyd, Cooper, Edelman, Nelson. 
Pick 1 for my Flex: Spiller, Benard or any of the leftover WRs from above.
Thanks and good luck!
Fitzpatrick or Romo - 6pt TDs, minus 2 turnovers
.5 ppr flex, Vereen, Rainey, or R.Jennings? also @ TE Cameron or L.Green? 
Are you still high on Ladarius Green today? Over Heath Miller and Tony Gonzalez? 0.5 PPR. Thanks!!!
non-PPR, pts for return yards, need an RB3: R Matthews, D Sproles, F Jackson? Thanks Bloom!
lamar miller or zac stacy standard
2 QB league 4 pt per TD...I have Rivers and Palmer. Should I start RB S Jackson over Palmer today? That STL pass rush scares me.
Hell, while I'm begging for answers:
Standard - spiller, rice, or leveon bell

Hey Sig. Got 2 questions. McCown or Romo and Stacy, Gio, or Julius Thomas in a PPR league?
.5 PPR: Starting Bell, Spiller, VJax, Alshon, Vernon, and Gio (Flex). Have Riley Cooper and Orange Julius on the bench. Would you make any changes?
Matt D
Flex spot..Stacy or Riley Cooper?
Josh G
Palmer or Matty Ice
PPR - Boykin or Hilton

Thanks Sig
Need 2 RB, 2 WR, and a flex. PPR league first rd of playoffs. Gore, vereen, spiller. Gordon, Antonio brown, k Allen. 
THX Bloom STD scor 2nd rb SJAX, Lawfirm, Mendy? 
play two in ppr and I am underdog..Bush, A Brown, Vereen
standard, which 2 Spiller, Rainey, Rice, or S.Jackson? also M.Floyd or Jordy get in over A.Brown, Allen, or Garcon?
Ppr need TE and flex help!
Ladarius G. Or Gates ?
Giovani, sproles, decker? 
Good Morning!  .5 PPR Flex - Lamar Miller, Ellington, or Stevie J?

Also KC or St. Louis D?
Greg Olsen or Jordan Reed.  No ppr. playing against highest scoring team in the league.
Need a nonppr flex and rb. Vereen, rice, or mike Floyd. Also Palmer or Luck?
Starting Bush,Vereen. Opponent has, please pick one for flex: JBell, Bernard,Hilton. Thnx!
Pick 3, Allen/Floyd/RWhite/Jeffrey/Jordy, also still Hartline over Holmes?
.5 PPR Thanks!
Matt D
Any word on the weather/wind in Philly? I have Henery and am concerned with the wind. Thinking of dropping Henery and picking up Novak in sunny warm San Diego
If Eddie Royal is active are you moving Green down some?
Morning Bloom! 1-point PPR. Playoffs. Just a few quick questions. Is the weather in CIN bad enough to sit AJ Green in favor of Jeffery/Allen at 1&2? Would you sit Luck for McCown or Fitz (waiver wire is dry)? And also need 2/3 - Lacy, Bernard, L. Bell - Thanks in advance!
Bobby Rainey, Zac Stacey or S-Jax?
Fitzpatrick or Romo - 6pt TDs, minus 2 turnovers
Need 1 RB, 1 WR, and 1 flex out of all of these std scoring.  Lawfirm, Mendy, Sjax, keenan, jeffery?
Romo or Fitzpatrick, 6 pts for passing TD. Need some upside going against point leader 1st rd of playoffs.
Mike C
PPR 1 Flex Cj Spiller or Edelman?
PPR leagues: (my current choices in bold)
1) Need 2 from: K.Allen-Cooper-Nelson-K.Wright
2) Need 2 from: Gore-Vereen-Spiller-Floyd-Gordon-Fitz
Good morning! 

Non PPR - Burleson or Andre Holmes. 

thank you
Mike B
+Footballguys Thanks Bloom, gl today. I will be watching ur boy A Holmes today.
Sig, one other super flex -I can start one in a PPR / 4 pt pass TD - Matty Ice, Fitz, Stacy, Keenan, FJax, Gio, Edelman, Joique?

ok 12 team ppr... my rbs are le'veon bell, vereen, stacy, and gio and I need to start 2-3 of these guys depending if I use one for my flex. Who would you start, and would you start a third rb over AJ Green (due to daulton's suckage)? Thanks!
Please pick a TE and Flx. PPR
Gates, Ladarius Green, sproles, gio, decker.
Thanks Sig!
Mike B
I just wanna give a shout out to Bloom & everything he does for all of us FF junkies.
.5ppr, 6 pt TD
Need 2: Spiller, Vereen, D Brown, J Bell
Need 1: Colston, Douglas
Thx Sig! flex spot.. PPR .5 RB, .75 WR, 1pt TE - Emmanuel Sanders, Jordan Cameron, Steve Smith, Pierre Thomas - Which one would you start?
Don't know if this is the place for it but I have a philosophical question. I am on the couch! When you are in multiple leagues, who much do you let your opponents lineup in one league affect your decision in another league when you own some of the same players? Rankings say one thing, cross-contaminated lineup says another.
Top of the Sunday to you. I'm down 16 points in the overall points lead standings. pretty sure im going to win today, looking for highest possible score. Standard scoring, 12 tm. I need 1 RB and 1 Flex out of Rice, SJax, Vereen, Keenan Allen. Thanks!
PPR league ( my current choices in bold)
Need 4 from: McCoy-Bush-Garcon-Welker-K.Allen-K.Wright
Thanks Sig!!
Saw a stat that when December comes, Romo leaves. So Romo or McCown Monday night?
Gregory Storms and I asked the same question (Romo or Fitzpatrick), you told me Romo but told Gregory Fitzpatrick.  Why the different answer? Fitz more upside but Romo higher floor?
Kicker question! Herman has Succop high up in kickermania, but you know about weather in Landover. Think Novak or Hartley is a better start?
I must be typing with invisible ink. My question has been skipped twice! :S
C Lee
Hi, Antonio brown or Andre brown in ppr performance league and 2nd Q: jordy or Rainey in ppr league. Thanks so much. 
Scott it might be the device, when I send from my phone they are not seen.  Try another device.
Mike B
With the weather bad in DC , do you still like Reed Bloom?
PPR league - Ladarius Green or Jordan Cameron at flex?
Oakland D or Carolina D. Huge Carolina fan but I can always rely on Geno to get me some quality defensive points.
Mike C
PPR league - Need 1 flex Edelman or Spiller?
How about Prince Fielder and his contract or Ian Kinsler and Joe Nathan and their contracts.  Need a baseball reference!
M Weber
VJax or Spiller as PPR flex? (Planning to start AP and Vereen at RB and Dez and K. Allen at WR.)
for my flex: r jennings, ivory, or bell? thanks
Thanks, +sigmund bloom ! Input in PPR, two to start: Keenan Allen vs NYG, Fitzgerald vs STL, Spiller vs TB, and/or DeSean Jackson vs DET?
standard, which 2 Spiller, Rainey, Rice, or S.Jackson? also M.Floyd or Jordy get in over A.Brown, Allen, or Garcon?
.5 ppr flex, Vereen, Rainey, or R.Jennings? also @ TE Cameron or L.Green? 
Need 2 RBs, 2 WRs, and 1 flex. First round of playoffs in PPR league. Gore, Vereen, Spiller. A Brown, J Gordon, K Allen. 
With bad weather across the country, Miller, Gio or Gore (Standard)? Need 1.
need 1: Eli, Fitz, or Luck? Worried about weather a little Eli seems ideal, but...
Jacoby Jones or Terrence Williams today? V
Standard scoring, Russell Wilson or McCown? Starting both Marshall and Jeffrey so is that too many Bears? Keenan Allen or Zac Stacy at flex? Thanks!
Good morning Sig! Injury related questions-VJax or Torrey, Reggie or Gio? PPR, favored in 1st round of playoffs. Thanks!!
Thanks for the help today Sig! One last question.... Who do you start today, Russell Wilson or Colin Kaepernick?
Wilson or mccown? Ppr, T Austin or C Patterson? Thanks!!
Lamar Miller or Donald Brown in non-ppr?
Mike C
Who to start Cincy D or Ariz D?
Moreno, Mccoy, Bush. Need two in a PPR
Pick one WR in non-ppr.  Antonio Brown, Keenan Allen, or Kendall Wright?  League gives 10 pts for TDs.
Pick 1 flex...gio, jbell,Hilton. BTW,I'm already starting rbush
Got some tough QB decisions, don't want to get cute at this time but the matchups might dictate..  Kaep/MRyan, Flacco/Romo, ASmith/Luck...?  
PPR..Julius Thomas or Steven Jackson?...Playing AGAINST Peyton Manning!
Standart Scoring:

Jordan Cameron / Martellius Bennet / Heath Miller
PPR: Start 3 from Moreno, CJ2K, Andre Brown, Vereen
Good morning Mr Bloom. Non ppr need 2 Moris, CJ?K, A. Brown, Ridley, or J. Bell. For some reason I like Bell as one, am I off my rocker?
aaa r
.5 ppr Gordon or Garcon, Vereen or Peterson?
.5 ppr - pick 2 - joique bell, Amendola, Boykin and Steve smith. Thanks bloom. 
1 PPR J.Bell, DeAngelo Williams or Blount at FLEX?  Thx!
Reed, Fleener or Green in standard league? 
Antonio Gates, Ladarius Green or Jordan Reed in PPR (1pt./rec.) League?
Thanks guys for all your help dieing the season. So for today, pick 2 in non-ppr league for flex plays: Rice, R. Cooper, D. Brown, or Ellington?
Need two of these in PPR.  Concerned about Reggie since there is snow and the last time field was muddy Bell took over.  Bush, J. Bell, Mathews, and Rice.  ALso Cruz or Kendall Wright?
Do I bench Gore for Spiller? Been going back and forth all week. Thanks in advance!
Prime T
J Bell or  Ivory or Lamar Miller nonppr
Reed is inactive. Fleener or Green? 
Crabtree or Coradelle Patterson for a flex PPR? Thanks for the help!!
Jordan Reed or Ladarius Green non-PPR? So close for me! 
Now that Ridley is active, would you start him over Tiquan Underwood in PPR league?  Played against AJohnson and GGraham Thursday, so I'm down 50+ pts already going into today.
PPR: Need 2: Alfred Morris, Fred Jackson, CJ Spiller, Rashad Mendenhall, Montee Ball.  Also PPR: Vernon Davis or Jordan Cameron?
Ivory , Ladarius, or burleson as PPR flex? Also mccown or rivers?
PPR: Need a TE:  Myers, Clay, or Cook?  Thanks!
One more please! Flacco or Palmer?
PPR rest of season RB depth.  Drop Lamar Miller for Marcel Reece? Thanks!
Sig! the cold, or Alex the cold.
PPR pick 2. Antonio Brown, Allen, Cruz, Boykin, Crabtree
Wow Reed inactive again. I'm excited to start Ladarius Green. 
Standard PPR league: which 3 WRs do I start? Garcon, Allen, Wright, Amendola, Floyd, Burleson?  Do I start any of them at FLEX over Stacy/A.Brown?   Thanks Sigmund
Is Reece worth adding as a strategic block?
Mike Wallace or Bobby Rainey in TD heavy scoring?
Peterson, Vereen, Fred Jackson, Leveon Bell. PPR. Pick one to sit.
Standard league - flex pick? cj2k, vereen or keenen allen.  Thanks
In a PPR I have Reggie Bush in at RB2 and Dez, VJax, Fitzgerald in the flex. Would you plug Joique Bell in over Fitz at flex or Reggie Bush at rb2?
ppr. bonus for long td.  who do i bench? VJax, Jordy, RRice
D/ST: Steelers, Raiders, or Cardinals
fred jackson or julius thomas? ppr league
Tearing my hair out in the wild card. Need two from Fred Jackson, Chris Ivory, Keenan Allen, and Michael Floyd. Standard non-PPR, with bonus for 100+ yards.
Fitz Kaep or Palmer?

Bell, SJax or Vereen

SD or PHI defense?

Thanks sig!
Br K
Ivory over Lamar Miller (nonPPR) with news that Thomas will play?
Pulling Reggie Bush from  my lineup, pick a Bell, Joique or Le'Veon?
Flex play:  Vereen, K.Allen or M. Floyd.  Thanks!!
Luck or Cutler? I'm the underdog this week.. Thx
2 questions- pick one toddman, chris obgy, ellington. and then pick 1 darick rogers or Baldwin, non ppr. 
Hi and thanks! Flex play, ppr....joique, so roles or m. Floyd? Even matchup...every point critical

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