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No excuses, the people in congress need to start working on immigration reform. Some way, these people need to pay taxes, and some way, these people need to stop hiding. The smart kids need the chance to go to college and benefit society, while the others need the stability in their workplace so they don't fear being totally uprooted in their efforts to feed their family.

It's too costly and ineffective to police the entire border 100%. It's also childish to think we can deport millions of people. People who say this are totally blind to other effects on population, just like China was in the 1980s and the one child policy. Yeah, they wanted to lower population, but the country was already headed there as women earned a higher education and couples married later. I rather spend $1000 improving the education of Mexican women (from our neighboring economy and partner) then spend $1000 dollars on a huge government police state because I'm insecure.

Of course, my heritage may make this response a little biased.
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