Back to the Future, an article  published in Psychiatric Services journal (May, 2016) written by Mohiuddin Ahmed, Ph.D.,  Harold J. Bursztajn, MD, and Ronald Abramson, MD.

The full title of this article that was submitted, but not published ,   presented here  in the  YouTube video tittle, Back to the Future: From Treating "Psychotic Behavior Symptoms," to Treating "Emotional Precursors," Managing "Existential Anxiety," and Assisting "Autonomy," summarizes the article theme well.

This article also has relevance as to how we deal with interpersonal conflicts and arguments in our daily lives. Often  when we say things to each other out of the transient emotional states that  we may not  really mean through our expressed statements as they may reflect our transient moods.  As such,  these expressions may not always  need to be interpreted literally or followed through. Often  when our emotions subside, we may think, feel, say, and behave differently. This of course needs to be viewed in a specific relationship and situational  context.  

In a similar manner, we make a case that in clinical service settings, persistent psychological or behavior problems exhibited by clients may often be associated with emotional cues that trigger their occurrence or that their intensity of expressions may be affected by emotional arousal states to specific situational cues. Understanding this dynamics may help to promote positive redirection or a  better management of such "behavior episodes."

We present a video to provide some of our thoughts and references  that guided our Commentary, which were not included in the  published article.
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