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All about Rusty Ferguson's Life in Cebu Philippines
All about Rusty Ferguson's Life in Cebu Philippines


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Sometimes people leave their country to live life as an expat due in large part to the red tape and taxation in their home country. If you're a US citizen that may no longer be a good reason. 

Congress has given the IRS new responsibilities and powers to not only enforce tax laws but other federal regulations too. The banking red tape for expats has increased dramatically in recent years and now even your passport is at risk if you owe the IRS money. Read more at:

This photo was recently taken near my hotel. Tenderness on the streets.
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Young child living on the streets of Cebu City with very sad eyes. He seems like he has already given up.
Broken Spirit

You with the sad eyes
Don't be discouraged
Oh I realize
It's hard to take courage
In a world full of people
You can lose sight of it all
And the darkness inside you
Can make you feel so small

        Cyndi Lauper

This child is so sad. Easy to see in his face. He lives on the street. I have no seen him in about a week. I hope he is okay.

He is soft spoken and well mannered. I can't imagine what horrors he has endured to make him take to the streets. Abuse? Lost parents? I do not know but this child is not happy living on the streets.

He often keeps to himself. Often a bundled up mass with his cardboard bed, sleeping on the sidewalk and totally covered from head to foot in whatever rag he can find to cover himself with.

I would bring him to my room and take care of him if I could but I would be arrested. Sad state this world has come to.

Help the Homeless

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Violence against women in the Philippines. BTW, the girl is single. See link to her profile in OP.
Pimp hits Girl on Sidewalk
I wish he would just kill himself


Back in the 80’s a woman was sitting in my lap when she took issue with me. Ha ha Her way of dealing with it was to pound on my face. It did not me at all. Not even a little bit but then I tired of it. So I raised my ankles, my toes never leaving the floor. Very little force at all. The result was she landed on her but about 5 feet away. I’ve always been able to control myself enough not to hit a woman but this episode taught me one big thing. “It is never okay for a man to hit a woman unless she is trying to kill him or cut something off him.”  Or someone else, I suppose. 

I saw a jerk hit a woman a couple of times the other night. I wrote about it here. I wrote a blog post about it and my thoughts on the subject.
It happens to often here, both by Pinoy and by foreigners. For you guys doing it, please stop making babies.

The girl in the picture is a friend of mine. She’s a good woman and she is one that hasn’t been hit on that way. Many of the Filipina that I’ve been alone with will flinch when I move. I know that someone has been abusing them. It is not always their boyfriend, in fact, in my cases it was someone else. Anyway, you can trust Ella, she is good to her core. She is single, you can find her here:

Read my Article Here: Article:

#cebu #philippines #filipinoculture
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Weekend Getaway =)@Pandanon Island, Bohol
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Expats are often not quite the playboys they may seem to be. In fact, many like to spend their time helping others.

What do you think about that sentence

via +Rusty Ferguson 

#expats   #philippines   #playboy   #playboys  
I am an International Playboy!

Yes, just like Jethro Bondine. Haha  I have been called a playboy and sometimes I wish it were true but I’m not cut out for it. I won’t lie to women about their status because I find that lies hurt the most. What I’m getting at is that in the Philippines many of us foreigners are seen as “Not serious” or playboys.

I once even found a picture of me on another expat’s (someone that lives in a country other than his birth country) website with a one word caption under it: “Playboy?”. I laughed and left a comment that said, “I wish it was true”.  I don’t have the option to be a playboy, if I did, hmmmm who knows? Honestly, I have found I need that one woman I can count on.

I know a guy that I thought was into underage girls. I thought this for quite a while but I got to know him earlier this year and he’s not that at all. Yes, he often has teenage girls around him but his purpose is completely charitable. You can read more at:
And there are quite a few outstanding foreigners that visit the Philippines. We only hear about the ones that get caught in illegal activities in the press and the tsimis (gossip) only spreads word about the guy with four girlfriends or whatever. It may not even be true but that is the nature of the grapevine or bamboo telegraph as it is known here in the Philippines. Things get exaggerated by the third telling of the story.

I thought I’d mention a couple of the outstanding ones for some examples. Most of us though, are just minding our own business, up to normal lives and having some fun alone the way if we can. Nothing to talk about so you don’t hear about that too much.

Photo is a black and white version of Santa Claus in the Philippines.

#expats   #philippines   #playboys   #playboy  
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+Rusty Ferguson reveals some of his experiences while seeking romance in the Philippines.

#philippines   #romance   #dating   #rustyferguson  #cebu
Dating in the Philippines

The first time you meet a Filipina, she may insist on bringing a friend or family member. I recently had such a meeting. Not really a date. Sometimes girls that act as if they are interested seem to loose that interest as soon as you make your move. :)

I recently blogged about some of my experiences on dating in the Philippines

#philippines   #dating   #filipina  
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19 Things I Love about the Philippines

I could have come up with some more but since I was already at over 3000 words, I decided to stop.  :) Number one on my list?

Filipina of course.

Look at this angel, I just love it when they look at me like this. :) 

For the full article visit:
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Did you know that its Illegal to be in the Company of a Minor in the Philippines? It certainly is and it can and will get you arrested.

I've known a couple of people get themselves into a bit of a tight spot due to this law. One maybe guilty of something the other was not. 

It's an important law to know about.  Also worthy to note here is that I often hear how the authorities in the Philippines are out to get you. Well, this story will prove that just isn't true. It does to me anyway. Sure that can happen but it's greatly overstated.

Picture is of a Filipina that works next door. Sadly, I don't think she likes me even a little bit. :) Win some and lose some others.

#philippines   #leyte   #expat   #law   #livinginthephilippines  
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Hi folks,  

You’ve not heard from me in a few days because I have been down and worried. I haven’t been able to get it off my mind. I had hopes that things would change for me this month and money wouldn’t be an issue for me for a while. Things didn’t work out. If I believed in curses, I would think I’ve been cursed as things have really not gone my way lately.  Honestly, I didn’t want to make another post where I was complaining either. But I’m in dire straits and I need some help. So I’m throwing a hail Mary pass and hoping for the best.

I had a large expense, I was expecting it to be about $750 and I could handle that with my income tax refund.  The expense turned out to be $1500.  I’ve managed to raise $1000 by taking some drastic measures. Including not taking more of my medications this month.  Medical bills due to the pneumonia also set me back several hundred dollars.  So instead of the great things I had hoped would happen, I’ve just had problem on top of more problems this month.

I need to borrow $500 in the next couple of days as I need to pay this expense by the end of the month. I’ve already paid $1000 if I don’t get it paid by the end of the month it will be $600.  It is best if I don’t go into what the expense is but it is something I must pay. No options.

Link to my website is:

If you can help or loan me the $500 please go to my website and make a donation. It will take several days to get to me so the sooner the better.  You’ll find the donation link in the right sidebar of my website. It will take you to PayPal but you don’t have to have a PayPal account. You can use a bank card if you don’t have one. Western Union isn’t an option because all of my ID’s are expired.  
I don’t like asking for help but I must. My plan is to pay you back $100 a month starting in September or even possibly next month. That just depends on how things go right now.  Hopefully, I can get it back to you sooner but if not, the $100 a month is the best I can do. 

Also for those people I text with, when I woke up yesterday, I found my phone had died. It’s been dying since it got wet during typhoon Yolanda. That was kind of the turning point for me.  Since that thing came to visit, I’ve had a bad run of luck.  It’s gotta end soon.
I hope you can help, if you want to email me my address is

It sure would be a huge relief. I’ve been extremely stressed over this issue for the last six weeks and have tried everything I can think of to solve it.

If I don’t manage to raise the $500 the I will have to move out of my hotel and I don’t where I will live as I must pay the rest of this expense.

The photo was taken while at Bantayan Island a couple of years ago, during my last visit.  I call it serenity and I sure wish I was back there and had some of that feeling.  It's one of my favorites taken here.

Link to my website is:


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