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Joachim Hagopian
I am a diehard truthseeker in search of both truth and justice.
I am a diehard truthseeker in search of both truth and justice.

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PedoGate Update: The Global Elite’s Pedophile Empire Is Crumbling… Will It Ever Crash?
Since the internet bombshell launched by WikiLeaks ’ release of John Podesta emails and the uncovered Comet Pizza’s bizarre and suspicious activities leading to last fall’s Pizzagate scandal , and the simultaneous reporting of unprecedented number of arrest...

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Interview on Obama's Treasonous Sedition to Overthrow the Trump Presidency
My Seattle friend Don Grahn needed a quick replacement since Kevin Barrett was nowhere to be found the other day for Don's All-Ways Pursuing the Truth broadcast. Since I'd just finished writing my article about the current treasonous insurrection currently ...

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America in Turmoil: From Deep State Insurgency to Deep State Spying – WikiLeaks’ Vault 7
Even those not following the latest evidence of the tyrannical noose tightening around our necks, know something has gone terribly wrong in America. Through NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden ’s revelations four years ago, we learned that US citizens as well ...

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Washington and America Self-Implode at the Hands of a Treasonous, Obama Led Shadow Government
The United States federal government in Washington is under attack today. Our nation’s capital is presently under siege, not from military bombs or rockets fired by any foreign enemy but from powerful enemies within. With Obama-Hillary- Soros forces ostensi...

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Pizzagate Turned PedoGate Leads to Momentum Surge in Busting Global Child Sex Trafficking Rings
This article will examine the current status of the so called “ Pizzagate ” scandal. But from here on out this presentation will refer to it as PedoGate for several reasons. Pedogate involves global child sex trafficking networks that have been operating o...

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Dissecting This Week's Unfolding Events
I got the chance to dialogue with Don Grahn from Seattle Community Media again over the major events unfolding this past week, from the Fukushima radiation disaster to the Oroville Damn potential disaster to the current takedown of the treasonous anti-Trump...

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Reasons Why Michael Flynn Was Fatality #1 in the Trump Presidency Takedown
  The alternative press tends to view the ruling elite as one monolithic centralized amalgamation of robber baron bankers and oil moguls personified by a handful of elitist bloodlines like the Rothschild and Rockefeller families, together wielding near abso...

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A Conversation on How to Overcome the Divide & Rule Trap
I had the opportunity to recently talk to Freeman Fly for an hour about how stressed out and angry the American people are. So many of us allow ourselves to be victims of the elite's divide and conquer game where everyone's pigeonholed into some kind of div...

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The Alexander Lapshin Case: Extradited and Imprisoned in Azerbaijan over Telling the Truth about Nagorno-Karabakh
Until a few weeks ago no one in North America even heard of journalist-blogger Alexander Lapshin. He lives primarily in Moscow but as a Russian-Israeli-Ukrainian citizen possessing three passports, Lapshin is a globetrotter who writes a blog called “Life Ad...

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Neocons Use Ukraine to Reverse Trump Plan to Thaw Relations with Putin and Wage Global War
After three weeks as president, Donald Trump has turned out to be “ same as the old boss,” definitely when it comes to US foreign policy . The short explanation is every US president merely plays a puppet figurehead role, taking his orders directly from the...
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