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New kitchen toy and a long car journey
After saying bye to the boyfriend and driving the 400 miles home, safe to say I am extremely tired and upset as I hate living so far apart! I have resisted the burger kings and mc Donald's that were seen the whole way back but I haven't eaten much today due...

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Food Diary
Food Diary Breakfast 2 slices of  toast (healthy extra) Golden syrup (2.5 syns) Chopped banana Lunch Chicken and pineapple jalfrezi Chips Green beans Halloumi (healthy extra) Snacks Banana loaf (3 syns) Cupshot Melon Banana Dinner Roasted tomato and chilli ...

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French toast/Eggy bread
Most of you may already know how to make this but I have had a few people ask me over Instagram so decided I would post the recipe up! This is my favourite breakfast! Worth using your healthy extra on.I also enjoy saving it for when I come back off a night ...

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Slimming World Loaf
Slimming World Banana Bread This was a recipe I saw going round on Instagram! Thought I would give it a to as I love banana bread and have missed stuff like this. Good to have on a tea break or just as a low syn snack in the evening. You will need 56g self ...
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