Nice review of Net Smart in the MIT Information Services & Technology News:

"Despite its title, Howard Rheingold's new book, Net Smart: How to Thrive Online, is less about “how to” and more about context, know-how, and mindful strategies. There are many useful tips and pointers in Net Smart, but it’s not your go-to guide for setting up Google Reader or creating a LinkedIn group. Reading it is like taking a thought-provoking college class on digital literacies, a course full of terms and concepts – like invisible audiences, playbor, and architectures of participation.

Even so, Rheingold’s approach isn’t academic. He’s invested in guiding our understanding and use of social media because he believes that “the ways people use new media in the first years of an emerging communication regime can influence the way those media end up being used and misused for decades.” So he’s on a mission to educate users about five important literacies in today’s always-on world: attention, participation, collaboration, “crap detection,” and network smarts."
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