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PEOPLE NOWADAYS......if you agree.

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Stupid humans. At least I'm a dog 🐶
Manusia jaman sekarang...
So troo..thats 2012 for u. :(
hey, this pic. looks like my little brother michael
o my god it's the apocalypse! -hold on a sec., i'll look up what to do in this situation on my phone
i know it's a little mean, but it's the truth
swa thi
omg! me toooo!
its true.........agreeeeeeeee
Yup. The craziness of mankind to be the first person to download on the internet..
Could somebody help me ??????? I have a question , I really want know its answer , could somebody help me ?
really im here 2 solve u r grevience no 2 worry
yeah youre right and upload em right away to instagram
thts true where ever i go ppl around always monitored my life getting inform my life story they r look like paparazzi stolen shot pix evrywhere,, am not a celeb but my life look like celeb ,, lately ignored them play them...coz am tired ...
unfortunately the most humans are much away from humanity now.
The guy drowning didn't think their comics were. funny
just waving his last good-bye to outdated mobiles
hmmm good shoot...! boys ready for the nx shoot.. now a man'll dive to save drown guy!
very very true,sad and funny all mixed into one TRSUNNY!
I am sure that there are many people on the other side who can help the man.
Ouch!!! You've hit a spot but IMHO that's totally true.....human nature lol.....
that little puppy dog is so cuteabigayle, where did you get it[?][?][?]
i have experienced such situations.............
This puts into perspective how technology has evolved in today's youths life and society. I'm glad that I didn't grow up around fun game systems and updated cellphones,etc.....because of my old school ways, I know how to LIVE.
Like that on the train, can't have a conversation with people anymore! They look at me weird when I say "Alright mate"..... Then resume to zombie mode... =0)
So true. Where is our dignity to help others? Lol.
Stop getting carried away with this shit. Back this up with one article. 
Ok first of that is true but ppl stop getting caught up in technology see react ur lazy buts off the couch and move
It's OK, it's only Obama in the water.
But if that was a phone in the water people would jump in to save the useless thing 
now 90% of the population would not know what to do without them would we just that i need a more simple smartphone
thanks nice when someone agrees
athers come first. lets love people with deeds.
Now days they are like this How they would be in the future?!!
Majority is this kind only, some are only sensible to act rightly.
wow that is so weird they see a  guy drowning  aned all they do is take pictures
Majority is this kind only, some are only sensible to act rightly.
A guy fell off an escalator this week, stupid, but people were falling over themselves trying to take pictures of the dead body.
help help
 just after i take a pic
It happened sometimes, but I believe more people love to give you a hand.
Lol. Everyone is looking for material to share on Facebook!!!
right they just watch i will never do that
dear all: could you tell me how to make my statues appear on my Facebook page ?? please help me
they take pic with cell cam before they think of saving the drowning person!
haw when i use to take swimming lessons i drowned only one person saved me everyone else thought it was a joke
but that was along time ago 
I hate this. It's so true. People will see you in trouble, and will make a spectacle of your issues rather than help you. There are no good Samaritans in that picture.
Have some dignity and respect before good deeds for others and for yourself...
can he not stand up there?
just sayin
It's sad but true I can see that happening
i agree john it's too close to the edge  of the water
i see this pic abt nobody want to help that man that's not good. So :(
Wow! we do live in these times when people are not their brother's keepers
Snip, snap, drowned !
The end.
Let's put it on YouTube now, and see how many views we get !
So! True! The worst the sight the more cameras are exposed!!
W3e are such terrible craetures how dare us ;)
But the think is that's actually true. I'm a teen and I cannot live without technology but I agree it's mean but clearly it's a true factor 
lol they jus sitting there takein pics of the man drowning lol wow how sad
Oh gosh!! Thats true! Good samaritan is very rare nowadays..
morgs p
stop begging to be added to a circle, if your funny it will happen.
Yup seen it first hand many times
hey thats a joke,,,,most people in the real world would help,,, especially if they thought they were on camera
The REAL sad thing is that  there are some people who says "that's sad" won't actually help the person. D,:
Well, the guy in the water is doing a trick and waving to signal he's okay. Don't be so quick to judge. Also, how did those inmates get cel phones?
They also 'like' sucidal post and updates in social media.
If they dove in to save him, their cell phones would get wet.
I'm not waiting for the day that an urgency occurs. I might be watching a movie at my local theater, sporting event, or just at the beech. 9/11 should have woken people up, but it looks like they think the danger is outside their shelter zone.
Btw, +Zoe Singleton is blocked for trolling.
Hey.quickly go out there to give hand or rope if it is a quick sand shore do not get too near o.k. maybe you are the one will be sucked in .here l agree it true what they said over now and then .forever ,whats never o.k.kkkkkk.
I bet the lifeguard is making out with the female lifeguard, and then stops to look at the tweet of the drowning person.
What the....Go save him, you idiots!
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