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PEOPLE NOWADAYS......if you agree.

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Stupid humans. At least I'm a dog ­čÉ´╗┐
Manusia jaman sekarang...´╗┐
There cruel people in this world. ´╗┐
So troo..thats 2012 for u. :(´╗┐
hey, this pic. looks like my little brother michael´╗┐
o my god it's the apocalypse! -hold on a sec., i'll look up what to do in this situation on my phone´╗┐
i know it's a little mean, but it's the truth´╗┐
swa thi
omg! me toooo!´╗┐
its true.........agreeeeeeeee´╗┐
Yup. The craziness of mankind to be the first person to download on the internet..´╗┐
Could somebody help me ??????? I have a question , I really want know its answer , could somebody help me ?´╗┐
really im here 2 solve u r grevience no 2 worry´╗┐
thts true where ever i go ppl around always monitored my life getting inform my life story they r look like paparazzi stolen shot pix evrywhere,, am not a celeb but my life look like celeb ,, lately ignored them play them...coz am tired ...´╗┐
unfortunately the most humans are much away from humanity now.´╗┐
The guy drowning didn't think their comics were. funny´╗┐
just waving his last good-bye to outdated mobiles´╗┐
love it!┬á So true!´╗┐
Hahahaha!!!! ┬áOh my...´╗┐
hmmm good shoot...! boys ready for the nx shoot.. now a man'll dive to save drown guy!´╗┐
That's true and very fuuny.­čśä´╗┐
very very true,sad and funny all mixed into one TRSUNNY!´╗┐
I am sure that there are many people on the other side who can help the man.´╗┐
Ouch!!! You've hit a spot but IMHO that's totally true.....human nature lol.....´╗┐
that little puppy dog is so cuteabigayle, where did you get it[?][?][?]´╗┐
i have experienced such situations.............´╗┐
This puts into perspective how technology has evolved in today's youths life and society. I'm glad that I didn't grow up around fun game systems and updated cellphones,etc.....because of my old school ways, I know how to LIVE.´╗┐
Like that on the train, can't have a conversation with people anymore! They look at me weird when I say "Alright mate"..... Then resume to zombie mode... =0)´╗┐
So true. Where is our dignity to help others? Lol.´╗┐
Stop getting carried away with this shit. Back this up with one article. ´╗┐
Ok first of that is true but ppl stop getting caught up in technology see react ur lazy buts off the couch and move´╗┐
It's OK, it's only Obama in the water.´╗┐
But if that was a phone in the water people would jump in to save the useless thing ´╗┐
now 90% of the population would not know what to do without them would we just that i need a more simple smartphone´╗┐
thanks nice when someone agrees´╗┐
athers come first. lets love people with deeds.´╗┐
lol it reminds me of myself´╗┐
Now days they are like this How they would be in the future?!!´╗┐
Majority is this kind only, some are only sensible to act rightly.´╗┐
wow that is so weird they see a ┬águy drowning ┬áaned all they do is take pictures´╗┐
Majority is this kind only, some are only sensible to act rightly.´╗┐
A guy fell off an escalator this week, stupid, but people were falling over themselves trying to take pictures of the dead body.´╗┐
help help
┬ájust after i take a pic´╗┐
It happened sometimes, but I believe more people love to give you a hand.´╗┐
ugly truth of our society. . ┬á.´╗┐
Lol. Everyone is looking for material to share on Facebook!!!´╗┐
right they just watch i will never do that´╗┐
hahahaha it is sad but soo horribly stupidly true´╗┐
dear all: could you tell me how to make my statues appear on my Facebook page ?? please help me´╗┐
they┬á don't┬á qare┬á abt┬á pple'x┬á lifex.´╗┐
they take pic with cell cam before they think of saving the drowning person!´╗┐
I hate to say this but yes, it's true.´╗┐
haw when i use to take swimming lessons i drowned only one person saved me everyone else thought it was a joke
but that was along time ago┬á´╗┐
I hate this. It's so true. People will see you in trouble, and will make a spectacle of your issues rather than help you. There are no good Samaritans in that picture.´╗┐
Have some dignity and respect before good deeds for others and for yourself...´╗┐
can he not stand up there?
just sayin´╗┐
It's sad but true I can see that happening´╗┐
i agree john it's too close to the edge┬á of the water´╗┐
i see this pic abt nobody want to help that man that's not good. So :(´╗┐
Wow! we do live in these times when people are not their brother's keepers´╗┐
+Ryan Martin┬áThey may be the fire, but guess what? You're the fuel.´╗┐
Snip, snap, drowned !
The end.
Let's put it on YouTube now, and see how many views we get !´╗┐
So! True! The worst the sight the more cameras are exposed!!´╗┐
W3e are such terrible craetures how dare us ;)´╗┐
So true evil BASTARDS lol´╗┐
But the think is that's actually true. I'm a teen and I cannot live without technology but I agree it's mean but clearly it's a true factor ´╗┐
lol they jus sitting there takein pics of the man drowning lol wow how sad´╗┐
Oh gosh!! Thats true! Good samaritan is very rare nowadays..´╗┐
stop begging to be added to a circle, if your funny it will happen.´╗┐
Yup seen it first hand many times´╗┐
hey thats┬áa joke,,,,most people in the real world would help,,, especially if┬áthey thought they were on camera´╗┐
The REAL sad thing is that┬á there are some people who says "that's sad" won't actually help the person. D,:´╗┐
Well, the guy in the water is doing a trick and waving to signal he's okay. Don't be so quick to judge. Also, how did those inmates get cel phones?´╗┐
They also 'like' sucidal post and updates in social media.´╗┐
If they dove in to save him, their cell phones would get wet.´╗┐
I'm not waiting for the day that an urgency occurs. I might be watching a movie at my local theater, sporting event, or just at the beech. 9/11 should have woken people up, but it looks like they think the danger is outside their shelter zone.
Btw, +Zoe Singleton is blocked for trolling.´╗┐
Hey.quickly go out there to give hand or rope if it is a quick sand shore do not get too near o.k. maybe you are the one will be sucked in .here l agree it true what they said over now and then .forever ,whats never o.k.kkkkkk.´╗┐
I bet the lifeguard is making out with the female lifeguard, and then stops to look at the tweet of the drowning person.´╗┐
hahahahahahahahaha this is true´╗┐
stay away from white people with cameras´╗┐
What the....Go save him, you idiots!´╗┐
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