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Sun lei
Mr. Bean knows how to use his ladder better than anyone
well he is standing on that ladder but doesn't know how to use them ........quite strange.....
Ha, Yeah love this Meme. It really illustrates the point really well. I can relate to this in so many ways.
...and he's wearing a suit. Must be a Wall Street type using projections to get to that height instead....Excel doesn't have ladders..:-)
Stop. Just fucking stop. Stop dredging up pictures from ancient internet times and reposting them with no sauce! And stop getting in 'What's Hot' and equivalent lists for doing it!

In fact, all you faggots +1'ing and resharing this, kill yourselves! How are so many people so shit at internetting??
Stupid man. Never get a man to do a woman's job!
he nearly has it. if he had a load more he could get over the wall
ha ha ha..............
what?!!!!! he should be using the ladder to dig.... shouldn't he? :D
ghanta good thought sesetti ke bache..
I cannot say anything else other than "CORRECT"
who r u sestti kitna ganda naam h tera dhng ka to rkhvale itna mushkil naam rkha hua h tere ghrwalo ne naam ullu ke padde
One ladder is enough to rech the edge...
everyone should be creative regardless of the resources availaible
ya its true u should use things timely how to use 
Well I see a person who insist to achieve something even he doesn't know how to use the tools, cheers! ;-)
praise GOD for things and talents He gives to his people
A catch in the logic. More ladders making a bigger heap will deny the conclusion as per the picture. I agree with the conclusion, but proof by picture is wrong.
try n try until u will get a gain....point
very true, hahahha
I can parkour up from there :3
parkour even i no i can mother fuckin fuck the wall its called sex bitches
very good example if we dont know how to handle we will failure
I have no resources & think i know how to use them. (Potential)
Unfortunately us in South Africa face this exact problem in a big way as our politicians act and behave in this manner due to their poor education and lack of communication skills which is attributed  to their tribal attitudes that prevents free thinking individuals from taking part in any open debate. The ANC is happy when the masses are kept ignorant, uneducated and uninformed.

Do you support this kind of thinking within your home?.
I posted this yesterday but it was about GOVERNMENT having this problem... 
he could still use all that to make a big fire
% Fish
They know how to use the one ladder that keeps raising my taxes I can't Afford another 4 years with baracak hussain obama 
Democrats: trying to make money
Republicans: trying to take care of people
In Common?

Ah but it doesn't matter how well you know how to use them if you have insufficient resources you still can't achieve your objective.....
Yeah! when I try to run away from Home and failed(s), I decided "Why stay on Earth, when we can go to Planet Mars?".
استفاده بهینه از امکانات ، قدرتی که هر کسی ندارد
this man get more than enough resources, i thinks usage is the problem. The ladders can be compared to"times" allocated to each one everyday many misuse it. And it seems 24hrs is never enough to make a day. 7days never enough to make a week and so on
Things r useless :-(
unless u have mind to use them :-D
Most of the manager don't see it as resource. They only see it as stack of ladder.
Wm G2
So true!
Johnny is aware that due to his overweight, stepping on a ladder rung will almost certainly break it, resulting in his fall, a large noise and alerting the prison guards. Being the resourceful convict he is, Johnny elects to create a stable pile of ladders, dawns a business suit and makes good his escape.
aint nothing but realness up in here baby!
This is letting us know some people don't have common sense lol
Freaking hilarious
Funny or die, what if it turns out to be, "die laughing?"
Who f!@#$%^&* writes nice or Very Nice as a comment?
Xin Li
I wouldn't say never be enough.  It just takes a lot more of said resources to be enough.  I think if you doubled his current set of ladders, he'd be able to make it across the wall.
Very good happens all too often but why is it a man ha
that's so funny in a true way because he only needs one ladder, yet he's stupid enough to pile up 35x what he needs.
i disagree. you will eventually have enough ladders.
This is not funny just stupid as is all the content from you.
agree wid Frank
he is both- a politician nd bureaucrat
Nice kind of thought...i will follow this in my real life
Wow this is my day sometimes..I am not alone! 
If you do not know how to use your own tools, you're an idiot. As simple as that.
I think this is how my childhood friends turned out.
This is a good illustration, i'll like to relate these to the so call MONEY is never enough, but spend wisely.
Isn't that supposed to mean "shallow minded"
That's not how you stack ladders to look over a wall.
he's used them so cleverly
even the most intelligent person in the world wud hav not thought about it
That resembles a class project I turned in last night.
C Marco
This...this is against the Minecraft Code..heretic!
 None of the ladders are long enough. Perhaps if he stacked them neatly he would be able to see whatever he is searching for. It would be much safer too.
How can i do my business online by google.
we had a re-org yesterday and this picture makes perfect sense. 
This is an office poster from the 1980's. I seen them in middle schools offices too. This is odd to see such a trite modivational post getting on the hot list.
He could have made it high enough so he could see over ;)
We always learn the hard way. Sometimes for the good or for the bad.
This is an excellent graphical presentation of what the artist wants to put out...excellent
well, a dozen or so more ladders and he may actually make it ...
مهم نیست چقدر امکانات در اختیار دارید، اگر ندانید چگونه از آنها استفاده کنید هیچگاه کافی نخواهد بود
Thanks for the advice 
Tikie S
Taxes and more taxes to solve a problem, which can not be solved! :-)
super             funny pic...............
None of the ladders are long enough. Perhaps if he stacked them neatly he would be able to see whatever he is searching for. It would be much safer too.
I can just bet the guys in management. 
That man fell down on his head when u was small .. True story
+Lucy-india Rofe You realize sexism goes both ways right? Neat picture btw, hadn't seen it before. 
hahahahaha....dont get it? try to make more sence bro
Local councils should take note 
Bean been bin....always upside down....!
C Smith
Aahhh picture not stupid Isaacson, picture smart when you understand.
this actually the most stupidest thing ive ever see, and ive seen blakc guy call himself a gangsta just for killing a ladybug 
ya! sometimes even if you know how to use them your blocked from doing so.
he could look up how to do parkour
YO El Oso,  Like something the dictionary does with the alphabet.  THAT'S just sad.  HUH!
Hmmm... What are these for?
Maybe if I pile them up I'll get to the top :D
How the fuck did he get so many ladders?
Ta loco que teniendo tantas escaleras.........
Pero no crean que asi existen personas en la vida real!...
actually if he had enough ladders he could get up.
Not if they started to spread apart. I say you just be so awesome that gravity's afraid of you--it won't pull you down any more!
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