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Encrypted online backups. Works with Amazon S3, SkyDrive, Google Drive and Docs, SSH, FTP, WebDAV and more.
Encrypted online backups. Works with Amazon S3, SkyDrive, Google Drive and Docs, SSH, FTP, WebDAV and more.

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Major update is coming. Summary: New user interface, improved restore speed, different update channels (stable to development), and new backends (HubiC, Amazon Cloud Drive, Mega, and some more). See yourself what the changes are:

We fixed the issue with Google Docs. Actually we dropped support for Google Docs and added Google Drive instead. :-) Duplicati 2.0 will update itself or you can check for updates manually from its interface. More changes (Google Cloud Storage, OpenStack, HubiC, bug fixes, improvements) are listed at

Meta data in Another update is rolling out to Duplicati 2.0 users. It contains backup and restore of file dates and access permission. Furthermore, we put in a lot changes to improve robustness and throttle is working again. Have fun!

The preview version of Duplicati 2.0 is available from

A new version is available. 

It contains a memory optimization that Kenneth did which trades a tiny bit of performance for a huge piece of (less) memory usage. Kenneth was able to turn off block, filehash, filename and metadata caches completely almost keeping the same speed. If you are running into any issues, you can turn on the old way using —old-lookup-memory-defaults. If we do not get any feedback that this is really required, we'll remove the old code.

Furthermore, there are tiny changes in the UI. "Restore from target" is now visible. It allows you to restore data from any backup which is not yet configured in Duplicati. This is the disaster recovery solution some of you have asked for.


We just found a service called bountysource. It allows users to place bounties on GitHub issues. When developers have completed the work on such issues, they can claim the bounty. What do you think? Is that a kind of mechanism that can bring Duplicati forward?

Thank you for answering the survey! One of the major learnings was that many of you are not aware of some very interesting features that Duplicati has. That is why we decided to offer those features in the user interface. Update is now coming to you! 

It contains a general options dialog to e.g. allow remote access to Duplicati from other machines and to restrict access to the user interface with a password. You can also set up the "pause after start" delay to grant your computer some time to finish the startup procedure before the first backup job kicks in.

Furthermore, backup jobs now have an option to define how long backups are stored or how many backups are stored. This is a tricky feature. It works automatically but if you care what is going on exactly, please read the announcement at also contains some fixes. Enjoy!

A new update is coming...

We fixed the issue that Duplicati was stuck at completing a backup on Windows. We now support Azure Blob Storage. And there are 10-15 more fixes and features. Check out the announcement at or check the built-in changelog after the update (About ... > Changelog).

We have moved to GitHub! 

The Duplicati source code is from now on maintained in the GitHub repository at We also decided to use the GitHub issue tracker. Kenneth has already migrated all issues from Google code to GitHub. We will still check the old issues at Google code from time to time for changes but we will be really active at GitHub only.

Why did we change? Google code stopped development some time ago and decided to remove features and functionality of their service subsequently. This hit us the first time when they took away the "updates to the project" feature which caused that we did not see all the changes to the project anymore unless we checked page by page ourselves. Then Google turned off the downloads section some weeks ago and no new downloads could be added anymore.

We did not want to wait for the third big thing to be removed, so we pro-actively moved on! The code repository is dead, long live the code repository!

Please let us know what you think about Duplicati 2.0 and help us to find out what we should be working on next to make Duplicati a great backup tool. Let's start with 7 questions ...

Kenneth has published an update yesterday. It contains some minor fixes. I hope the built-in update is working fine for you!?
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