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Warm Water Delivery System
G2 TECH has significant expertise in the provision of Aged Care hydraulic services including warm water, post tempered and hot water solutions. Paramount in our design consideration is the facilities ongoing compliance and duty of care to their residents. We assess the size, location and maintenance requirements before making any recommendation or formal proposal. 

Established and newly constructed Aged Care facilities require plant and equipment that protect the residents from scalding and also mitigate the risk of high legionella counts. G2 TECH’s solutions provide you with equipment that has proven performance in the field in conjunction with a significant life cycle cost reduction.

Our AERIS warm water packages provide peace of mind to the facility operator, significantly reducing the threat of encountering a legionella count, regardless of your facilities age or design. Legionella can be found where renovations have been made, causing “dead legs” in the ring main, even after high temperature flushes have been conducted legionella counts can still be measured. G2 TECH’s Copper-Silver residual dosing eliminates the potential of legionella counts when installed and maintained in line with simple guidelines. 

The G2 TECH warm water, post tempered and hot water solutions can be provided using a variety of heat sources including solar. G2 TECH provides engineered solutions that can integrate with BMS or have simple audible or visual indications where a building management system is not available. 

If you would like to discuss how G2 TECH can provide your facility with a new generation low maintenance solution please do not hesitate in contacting us.

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Googe + G2 TECH Introduction
G2 TECH specialises in the provision of services and equipment for commercial hydraulics and mechanical services. Our Team have over 30 years’ experience in the design, fabrication and supply of energy efficient equipment for building services. G2 TECH has approved supplier status with some of the Worlds leading manufacturers including Bosch, Grundfos, Belimo and Robertshaw, enabling us to fabricate premium, cost effective packaged equipment.
The services that G2 TECH offer are extensive and include, but are not limited to, the following: 

• Hydraulic System Sizing and Design Application 
• Hydraulic Defect Identification and Resolution
• Engineering

• High Efficiency Process Hot Water Packages
• Engineered Pump 

• Solar Preheated Commercial Hot Water Systems 
• Condensing Boiler Packages
• Waste Heat Recovery Systems
• Hot and Controlled Temperature Water Delivery Systems
• Water and Energy Conservation and Management 

• Harvested Rainwater to Potable Water Treatment Plants
• Packaged Filtration Plants - automatic backwash, cartridge, bag, SAF, and media
• Copper Silver Ionization Systems 
• Ultra Violet and Ozone Disinfection and Purification Systems 

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