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The Birth of Mayanot
In the mid 1990’s,  in
Jerusalem, Rabbi Shlomo Gestetner   and   Rabbi Kasriel Shemtov   were shluchim – emissaries of the
Lubavitcher Rebbe ob’m, sent to determine what could be done to impact today’s
generation of students. Both seasoned educators, they w...

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Feeling the Freedom
Looking back to the end of last year’s
Pesach seder, I never realized “Next year in Jerusalem” would actually come to
fruition. This year, spending Passover in Israel and with Mayanot, I will be
asking a 5 th question, “How is this seder different than sede...

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It’s a Wonderful Journey
Over Winter Break, I was fortunate to attend the Mayanot Women’s Program in Jerusalem for the three week winter program where college students all around came to join the young adults that had already been at Mayanot. I arrived at what I thought was a small...

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The Israel In Me
My whole life I’ve had a thirst for adventure. I admire fictional characters like Indiana Jones for their freedom to travel the globe, creating legends and fighting the paranormal in uncharted lands. I chose to study archaeology so I could live the fictiona...

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Running the Jerusalem Marathon
(From Left: M arissa Belifonte, Lauren Buchman, Stephanie Blitstein, Eliana Shwartzendruber) This Friday I was privileged to run/ walk/ dance the 10k at the Jerusalem Marathon! I cannot even describe how incredible it was to run through the holy city of Jer...

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Alumni Spotlight: An 8 Part Series featuring Elliot Friedman
  Eliyahu Dovid (Elliot) Friedman may had only been 19 years old, but for someone so young, he already knew what he wanted out of life! In fact,
by the time the Florida native arrived at Mayanot in May 2014, he knew that Judaism
and Jewish thought were cent...

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#1 This Summer Season
With three of the newly launched "7-Day Birthright Israel Trips" landing  next Tuesday , Mayanot will be winding down their Winter 2017 season. And without skipping a beat, the summer season will be upon us. With registration having been open for one month,...

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Recent Mazal Tovs
Mazal Tov to all the new additions to our Mayanot family: Ritter Baby BIRTHS: Dr. Chaim Binyomin and Leah Arias had a baby boy Mia Rachel and Arye Baldioceda had a
baby girl Sarale (Gurary)  and Heshy Benshimon
 had a baby boy Chana Rosa and Shlomo Bogart  ...

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Thanks From One Of Our Soldiers
Dear Mayanot, I am a soldier in the IDF, Paratroopers 890 who participated
on Birthright Israel: Mayanot bus 517. I want to share my thoughts and feelings
on this incredible and life changing trip! I now call Birthright a lifesaver
for the 'soul', especiall...

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Alumni Spotlight: An 8 Part Series featuring Eric Maurer
1.        Eric Maurer will
tell you that two summers ago, was one of the most intense experiences of his 24
years. Arriving in Israel with a freshly minted degree in Jewish
studies from the University of Hartford and his then fiancé Rebecca Bader (whose
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