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Wuhow! Guys, if u want to buy any organic skincares, iHerb is the place!!!!!! MUST MUST MUST BUY FROM iHerb ya!!!!!?

"Shop Trusted Brands. Healthy Rewards. Best Overall Value, Healthy Products."

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First things first!!!! FULL CREDITS TO Aisyah Shakirah ~ This entry is dedicated to my fellow akhwaat, my habaebatis, sisters, girlfriends, or my species lah in general, who are in menses   (read: on your period)

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Happiness is....
Ya Allah, Ya Rahman, Ya Rahim, let us all reach Ramadhan, Ameen!

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Wordless Wednesday (Good vs Bad - Fruits)

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Semester 3? Almost Done!
Nasi dagang kuah ikan but lauk ayam nomnom Alhamdulillah. Wallahi rindu gila nak update blog and blogwalking apetah lagi aduduh. Tapi apakan daya. Payah nak lingering in front of laptop that long ey. I only use laptop to finish my assignments and urm khatam...

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Study - 5 Habits of Organized Students
Alhamdulillah. With this semester finally is approaching to an end, I’ve thought and reflected on what I did right and wrong in this semester huhuhu (mostly wrongs lerrr hahahaha i hate that i am so pemalas tahiii aduhhh and i do regret huhu) but das ok bec...

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Studying - Ways to Take Notes & How To Read Effectively: A Guide
There are many methods: The Cornell Method, Outlining, Mapping and Charting Moving on to how to read like super effective huhu 1. Decide how to read the text First, decide what your goal is when you read the text: do you want to just scan it to find some sp...

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Hi guess who is drowning in a sea of assignments and quizzes? Meeeeeeee. Hahah. Honestly tak sabar nak cuti 20th - 26th Feb :D Nak kelik kelate wuhow!

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How do you rebuild your imaan?
Q : How do you rebuild your imaan. I'm a revert and the past two years I've slipped away from the deen. I still pray and stuff but the connection isn't there. I feel terrible about it. Do you have any tips for me? A : Feeling terrible about this situation s...

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How Do I Get Closer to Allah?
A fluctuating iman is an issue for all of us. We have to constantly work on improving & maintaining our iman, or it will decrease.......... Never miss salah. Make thorough wudu. Take your time in salah. Make dua during sujood. Talk to God in these moments. ...
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