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As I keep getting messages through here, I just wanted to remind people I've mostly retired G+ in favor of Twitter which does a better job of keeping the junk down. You can shoot me questions or keep up @DanielAErickson

Sorry it's been quiet so long. I realize it's one of the worst kept secrets but I am officially leaving BioWare and headed off to new adventures and was attempting to keep it quiet until everything was official. I'm trying out the Twitter thing to post thoughts about the job hunt, the state of the industry and developing new games from scratch so if you're interested in that sort of thing you can find me @DanielAErickson.

I'd like to give a huge thanks to all the amazing SWTOR fans who made my life more surreal and exciting than I would have ever imagined these last few years. There's so many good people out there it made me look forward to every convention...well maybe not E3 so much but most of you didn't get to go there.



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People keep asking me if I got Diablo III and the answer is...kinda. I got the friend's demo so I played through to the Skeleton King (how much of Act I is that?). Then I spent most of the weekend running an item shop for adventurers in one of the most charmingly concieved and written little games I've stumbled on this year. In one of these two games it seemed impossible to die and like the game didn't even need me--in the other one I failed so hard I ended up watching a cutscene of my character crying as she had to move into a cardboard box.

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I gave these guys money. Because, you know, X-Com.

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I'm surely late to the party but if, like me, you hadn't before seen this amazing shot by shot live action version of the Hope trailer, check it out.

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The kickstarter for a beautifully conceived project from three extremely talented ex-BioWare folks has gone live. Take a look at the art direction on this thing!

Guild Summit was hard work, tough questions and a ton of fun. It was great to be back out with the fans hearing their concerns face to face. I fell straight into bed when I got home and fell asleep.

Heads are being shaved, Star Wars sneakers are being brushed off, excitement levels are rising. SWTOR Guild Summit is upon us!

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