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(Published in many Anthologies)
By: Elizabeth Mac Donald Burrows
As I walked one day long ago in the winter’s silent sight,
 Watching the snow fall in crystal flakes across the wooded trees,
I saw a shadow burrowed against the forest’s laden boughs.
Glowing brightly like the stars in moonlight’s dark and ebon night.
Then like magic it disappeared into daylight’s passing web,
As it flowed away I felt some deep and subtle mystic touch,
Then it faded from my vision mid the hush of falling snow,
Yet ere it passed I heard a voice above the soundless ebb.
“I will come again one muted and windswept wintry day,
When love holds voiceless court and human hatred no more flows.”
 I knew it was His spirit against the shadow’s chilling bloom,
In one brief but timeless moment amid seasons’ passing play.
When each year majestic mountains stand bedecked in winter’s band,
And the haunting sky is dripped in twilight’s cast of pewter gray,
I wander once again through the emerald copse of magic pine,
Searching for His shadow upon the diamond studded land.
Each time as I see a star shining through heaven’s vaulted light,
I remember when He walked within the wooded country hills.
 And I mind not that the deep and verdant forest is silent,
Or His soundless voice touches not the icy laden night.
Love does not yet rein sweet nor has mankind’s hatred passed away.
Yet in life’s most troubled times and when heartache has called its own,
I bring to remembrance that snowy day once long ago,
When His spirit came to walk within the frigid winter lay.
December has come once more and frost adorns the windowed pane,
And again time for me to answer some strange and mystic call.
Suddenly I see a magic web through winter’s crusted boughs,
A web not there as last I ambled the frosted winter lane.
There amid light’s silver rays shining through season’s icy foam.
 I espied a lone shadow standing where the tall pine tree grows.
And ere it faded into time’s unrelenting tides, I heard,
“I’ll come forever when love reigns and hatred has no home.”
Now I await Him through each deep winter’s rendezvous with fate,
And think of Him in every faraway and shining star.
My wait is not in vain for I know that He will come once more,
He is the light that shines in Christmas’ deep and magic wake.
Each year when the alabaster snow is piled pure and white,
And Christmas joy steals into each human’s tired heart.
When little children stand to sing around a wooden manger,
His Spirit finds a resting place and glorifies the earth with light.
When night descends and the Christmas tree stands in tinseled tiers,
And weary parent lay down their gifts of deep and selfless love,
And Christmas Carols ascend high in ethereal splendor,
He soars aloft in His sled drawn by eight tiny reindeer.
But I know He will not come and ever live with us each day,
Until love reins across the world and hate can find no place.
 Now it is up to us to bring forth Christmas every day,
And working together we will bring Him home one day to stay.
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Robert Ledgewidge
Editor – Living Traditions, Australia
While a study of mysticism, or even esotericism, may be helpful for most people, it is always difficult to find a genuine source of wisdom. So often we are flooded with different understandings, perspectives and interpretations, and we become lost in an ocean of speculation.  This state of confusion is frustrating and often leads to cynicism.  While many writings claim to contain a great deal of wisdom, at times they seem to offer little.  We may hear much about the “secrets of the spiritual life,” it is not often we can actually find them.  Yes, a book here and there can offer fragments of the truth, but so often they are mixed in such a high ratio of truth packaging that the end result is a short spurt of inspiration followed by a return to the search.
            My own experience was much as I have described. I had spent years reading, studying, compiling, and practicing a little here and some there, but I was slowly sliding into cynicism, as there was little coherence in the overall picture.  Even within esotericism I found a lack of continuity and a definite lack of vision.  This experience was transformed as I began to study the work of Elizabeth MacDonald Burrows.  Now, this is not meant to be a coming to a “Guru” story, as so many of these are an insult to the intelligence of their readers.  What it is meant to be is an honest reflection of my own experience.  Elizabeth has been given an amazing gift, for she has experienced the Living Christ.  This experience, this mystical exaltation, permeates her work.  Although she is certainly an impressive scholar with a great mastery of both traditional mystical literature and that of the Essenes and Gnostics, she brings to these a sense of one who has truly experienced what she writes about.  What impresses me about her work is her depth of vision; she has penetrated deeply into the nature of divinity and is able to map the journey for us.
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Mankind's Future World

As the 21st century approaches humanity is concerned about economics, politics, war, and survival. Loud voices are prophesying the end of the world, doom and disaster; even while standing in the eve of a world resurrection. These are nothing more than the cries of false prophets, for this time in history will be a remarkable period; one which insures each person the opportunity to advance another step up the ladder of evolution. Humanity is now in a position to understand what it has done over many centuries, to view its past mistakes, and to seize the opportunity to lay a framework for the next twenty centuries of Earth’s journey through time and space. It is a glorious journey which will enable each soul the opportunity to grow, purify, and advance. Through the forthcoming centuries life will never again be what it has been in the past. Although this pattern follows the history of evolution, this time is unique in that it is the beginning of a massive soul purification which will eventually produce a divine planet.
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In the astral regions known by the more common name of Hades, he or she was compelled to fight the seven-headed dragon of the Army of Kong which guarded the Providence of Evil. The dragon’s seven heads of pride, envy, anger, hate, gluttony, ignorance, and deceit fell like cowards beneath the sword of truth and justice. In the Halls of Judgment, the Armageddon War between the soul and the Prince of Darkness took place, but the illumined soul won its victory, sailing through the regions of the dying to conquer currents of the mind. The initiate saw the specters of their past, the graves and memories of other lifetimes. Yet, through the shadows a ray of eternal life cast forth its beam. When the helm of the ship was almost torn from the initiate’s hands and the rocks of darkness touched the prow, a touch of the Divine calmed the storms, and he or she sailed on. That saving touch came from the lighted bridegroom waiting the dawn of the morning.
Throughout the journey through the turbulent agitations of the mind, the initiate stood alone amidst the buffeting winds of the thought currents that tossed them to and fro. Here they faced their thoughts, their passions, their likes and dislikes, and the entire storehouse of materiality which had constructed their mortal world. Within the inner cosmos, they viewed those thoughts that emanated from their brothers and sisters in the unenlightened world. At first the neophyte tried to defend themselves with self-righteous condemnation – until they realized that their own footsteps had once trod the same dark road. Sometimes the initiate felt paralyzed by fear and doubt; incapable of making decisions. Once again, a calming touch was felt, and their mind stilled as they realized an answer. As always, it was the gentle, compassionate touch of the initiate’s inner divine nature; waiting patiently for the completion of the initiate’s journey through the long night.
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HEALING – Part 3

It has been said “If a person could understand their own body, they could rule nations, and if they understood one single cell, they would know the secrets of the universe.” Yet, the human body with its organo-vegetative system (the visceral organs and involuntary nervous system) and its delicate cerebrospinal system (the voluntary nervous system) is seldom understood by modern civilization.
    The average person would be shocked to learn of the destructive forces within much of the food they typically consume in their daily life. In recent years, numerous types of fad diets have been promoted, most of which have resulted only in increased chaos and confusion. The correct diet solution is actually very simple: eating all things in as close to their original state as possible.
    Just as solar systems live in the great cosmic ocean, and land masses exist amidst the great oceans of the world, an individual cell is but a microcosm within the larger ocean of the human body. Anything that can deteriorate a planet also deteriorates both the organo-vegetative system and the cerebrospinal system. That which affects the health of a human organism (including peace of mind) also affects the planet. A diseased organ or a sick person affects the health of the entire world. Thus, good individual health and good planetary health is a responsibility shared equally by everyone.
     A cell floating in the massive human ocean must take its nutrients from its surroundings, just as humanity must sustain itself from the plants, rivers, and surrounding streams. No one would dream of swimming in a pool filled with hamburger, gallons of oil, floating pizza, and chocolate cake – and yet this is precisely the environment to which so many people subject their inner cells. The cells are living organisms that can only accept what is given to them for survival.
     Feeding dead food to the body only reduces the life span of all cells, which in turn shortens not only the longevity of the human being, but also the quality of life. On the other hand, proper nutrition produces the exact opposite effect, by alleviating the amount and intensity of the pressures that constantly bombard the nervous system from chaotic planetary conditions, and by supplying the vital life force conducive to a long and healthy life.

To be continued: Part 4 introduces table top gardening
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The Origin of The Universe - 1

There is infinitude of galaxies with all it contains, infinitude of star systems with planets, infinitude of everything. There is infinitude of worlds and infinitude of life. As Emerson said, there are circles (spheres) within circles without end. Everything is light and light being vibration frequency, from the infinitesimal spectrum of quantum physics to the gross spectrum of infinite galaxy bubbles.

More simply put; before light existed there was pure consciousness which had within it a pre-existing plan, or for a prototype, of the universe. Due to the forward movement of consciousness, or thought, as  few can understand the term consciousness, the plan began to unfold. The first day of creation began with a manifestation of light which also contained a continuing process of the prototype’s evolution. This was the first day of creation – manifested light from the non-manifested creative principal. This light, because it carried the potential of a manifestation of the universe within it, is considered the son of God.
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“Yes, she is all the things described about her, I would discover, and so much more.  It comes frustratingly close to being impossible to describe her in simple terms.  It is certain, however, after spending time in the presence of Elizabeth Burrows, that she walks her path on Earth in grace and in a light so blinding, it spellbinds.”
Paula Dion
Las Vegas Sun
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Case history 
Once when I was conducting a seminar tour in England I was the guest of Dr. Carol Briely, who residing in an industrial area of the country. She was treating a young girl of nineteen. So far the patient had not responded to treatment, and this was going to be the last appointment with the doctor before being committed to an institution. Dr. Briely asked me if I wanted to sit in on the case. I agreed, as I found the case to be most fascinating. When we got to my friend's office, Dr. Briely said; "I have to run some errands and I will be back in a couple of hours." As she, being somewhat aware of my counseling abilities, I surmised it that she was asking me to do whatever I could for the girl. When she returned two hours later the patient was normal.
In the perusing the family’s background history I had determined that there was no apparent reason for this patient's mental instability. So, I made the decision to look at her last life, and when I do this, the scenes begin to past for me somewhat similar to watching a slideshow. I saw she was only 18 or 19 years old and Jewish when she was taken to German concentration camp, along with mother and father, and younger brother. She eventually saw her mother and father killed, her brother sent off to hard labor, while she was starved and raped repeatedly by Nazi soldiers. She died while in the concentration camp. As I described these scenes to her and informed her that this happened in her last life, I also told that her current illness was one of synchronous, meaning it was happening concurrently, only in this case, with events happening at the same time in another life.
Any time that there is a meeting between the counselor’s mind and that of the patient’s, a miracle may occur. In this case, since the entire universe a single consciousness, the patient became aware at the conscious level all that was buried in the deeper levels of the subconscious pertaining to these events and she was immediately healed. I got a letter the following week from the patient’s parents thanking me for giving them back their daughter.
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Psychology and psychiatry have a long ways to go, as they have not yet accepted the idea of the soul’s rebirth into embodiment for reasons of progression.  As one remembers things about their childhood when the soul evolution is advanced sufficiently, the soul has memories about its past lives. 
The subconscious mind contains not only memories of about its current childhood, but collected memories from the time the soul was created.  The psychologist and psychiatrists of tomorrow will be intuitively advanced sufficiently that they will be able to go back to the beginning of the illness to ferret out the root problem.  Determining the root of the problem can hasten the patient’s recovery.  In today’s world it sometimes takes months of treatment before the cause of mental illness, and any form, can be determined.  Since the imprint of the soul’s potential was established at the of the universe, the root cause of any form of a person’s mental difficulty may well be far beyond the infancy of the current existence.
A case history of one seeming miracle will follow to illustrate my point.
When all people have entered the forthcoming higher consciousness, called Cosmic Consciousness, there will be no mental illnesses.  At that time the vast regions of the subconscious will open and everyone not only review their past, but know their destiny and from their wings of greatness.
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The World of Tomorrow

The next two thousand years will bring a balancing and purification of the human soul, as it strives to bring its planet into world harmony. While it would be nice to believe that humanity’s barbarian age is completely over, all change requires time. To turn away from war and materiality, to harness solar energy, and to become a truly spiritual race sounds like nothing more than a hopeful dream of the future – but this time will in fact come to pass. Semi-underground cities will rise in barren deserts, and vehicles will run on energies not yet explored by humanity. When these things have come to be, our current human existence will pass away as a mere shadow of our greater human evolution. Humans are glorious creatures, whose greatest period is yet to come. People are assured of this destiny by every star which shines in the more than one hundred million known galaxies.
In today’s world, humanity’s understanding of the higher powers that are available is still in its infancy. Most people can barely grasp the phrase that “man is the measure of all things.”Yet, as the world stands in the folds of the universe, it becomes the recipient of all energies; from every sun, from every planet, and from every blade of grass. However, like an amateur musician, humanity is but an infant who has yet to learn to play the instrument of life. But they will succeed, for that success is written in our destiny.
Humans will travel in worlds which cannot presently be seen by mortal eyes. As an instrument of eternal creation, divine consciousness will allow that which is now human to control the powers of the universe.
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According to the modern science of biogenics, foods are classified into four general categories:
Biogenic – all living food in sprouting or young-growth phases from 3 to 21 days. This food emits the highest degree of active life-generating force, and ideally should represent 25% of all food consumed.
Bioactive – all living, uncooked food in advanced growing stages, such as fruit from trees and fresh vegetables from the garden. This food emits the second highest degree of active life-generating force, and should also represent 25% of all food consumed.
Biostatic – all natural food which has been cooked, such as garden vegetables, rice, and legumes; plus milk, cheese, eggs, and nuts. For the beginner, the daily intake can consist of a 50% biostatic diet to allow for natural grain breads, exotic vegetarian casseroles, soups, etc. Biostatic foods do not destroy the body, and can provide numerous necessary supplements of protein and minerals.
Biocidic – all foods which actually destroy health and vitality. This category consists of all meats and meat byproducts, any processed coffee, tea (excluding herbal teas), packaged and/or canned foods, and any processed foods or items containing preservatives. Ideally, much of the biocidic foods should, be removed from the diet.
            The percentages suggested here are designed with the beginner in mind. As one progresses further into biogenic living the percentages will change, as more and more biogenic foods are introduced into the organo-vegetative system and fewer biostatic foods are consumed. Eventually, biostatic foods will represent about 25% of the diet, bioactive food about 50%, and biogenic food intake will constitute the remaining 25%. Considering weather variances and cold winters in many areas, a 100% biogenic diet is not necessarily recommended. In severely cold climates, nutritious soups, legumes and rice are important for one’s well-being, as the average human organism is not sufficiently refined to escape some reaction to extreme temperatures.
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Spiritual Teacher and Christian Mystic
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    Spiritual Teacher and Christian Mystic, present
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Elizabeth MacDonald Burrows entered Cosmic Consciousness during the early seventies.  At that time the mysteries pertaining to the creation of the universe were revealed.  Shortly thereafter she renouced a personal life to serve as a spiritual educator.  Elizabeth has devoted almost a half a century to the study of ancient Christian manuscripts.  Considered one of the foremost authorities in the world on the life of Christ, she has deciphered some of the most complex work ever written.  Author of several books, Elizabeth has appeared on hundreds of radio and television shows, and is listed in Who's Who in America.

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