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I would like to express my severe disappointment with my overall experience with this dealership. Perhaps it's because we only bought a used vehicle that we don't deserve good customer service, but I wouldn't recommend anyone shop here. When I first called they told me the vehicle I was interested was not available because a customer was doing financing "as we speak" but if it fell through he would call me. After several days they called me and said the financing did not go through and would I like to make an appointment to test drive the vehicle. Of course. So I make an appointment for 5 p.m. even though I am talking to her at noon to make the appointment. When my husband I get there, the vehicle isn't even there, but we should wait in their cafe until it arrives. We wait an hour and then are about to leave when it shows up. Why bother making an appointment when they won't have the vehicle there anyway? After we test drive the vehicle we decide on purchasing and do the standard haggle/negotiating which takes another 3 hours. We take delivery on the vehicle and it only came with one key and remote. What the heck? My trade, despite it being old even has two keys, two remotes and console keys we turned in. We ask about the second key and the salesman John Lusk said he thinks it is at the other dealership and will check into it and let me know. Right. Most vehicles usually come with two keys and two remotes. Needless to say after over a week not hearing back I contact the dealership by phone, leave a voicemail message for Mr. Lusk and get a standard email back saying no we don't have a second key or remote. Too bad for you pretty much. Really?!!! Your dealership could not even provide a second key?!!!! I bought my last truck at a dealership and it didn't have a second key, but you know what?!! My salesman got me a second key!! That showed me that he cared. I will not be going back to this dealership, nor recommend it to any of my friends or family. This dealership obviously does not care about customers once they leave the lot with a vehicle.
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