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Kate Hudson
I'm a treasure hunter.
I'm a treasure hunter.

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the fit & foxy footsteps of giants
What a time of inspiration these last few weeks have been in the depths of the material and mental past.   Spanish Moss , Stoned Immaculate Vintage , bravo, bravo, bravo.  Collections - spot on.  Vibe - mastered.    Photos - poignant, evocative, drool-induc...

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fairest summer
I'm usually a collector of words, spittin' them out and sweeping them up as fast as my temporal lobe can handle. But sometimes it's the images that speak, and gifted speakers they are. Powerful for their lack of premeditated vowels and syllables. Harbingers...

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that je ne sais quoi
Spring's gone and pulled the wool over my eyes. April's been spent dreamin' that bigger and better dream. 'ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!' the Aires roars. 'But plans are for later.'  The time to act is now.   No one expected me. Everything awaited me. Dear, dear Pa...

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heatin' up
Texas, oh Tex. I'm fond of you, but you're a fickle minx. Cold as sin one day, hot as blazes the next.  As early as March you marched along like it was high summer and now April's confounded at how to react. 90 degrees all arriving at once never sees me com...

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a conduit of creativity
One inimitable lady keeps rolling across my eyeballs these days, and let me tell you, these baby blues ain't complaining.  Erin Wasson, tomboy, powerhouse, oracle of wisdom, fountain of cool.  But never, no never, a muse. Her southern ways, her legs for day...

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continental drift
It's been a while since I tangoed with these old keys.  Two-faced Time - that rebel, that devil - has been perfecting its frenetic chop-change between days gone in minutes and minutes lasting days.  You see, we've boxed up all our 'remember whens', donated ...

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mama didn't raise no sheep
As a child, her mother would thrust the tools of creativity into her arms. Brushes and pastels, crayolas and chalk, fingers if none of the above suffice. Just give the girl a palette! The gift of choice.    "Screw the lines kid. Paint the town red, yellow, ...

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wanderlust wednesday: why not oman?
Just imagine: You're hiking along a wadi tumbling with recent storm runoff and splashing children enjoying the boon. An old man stops you and insists you sit and share his watermelon; the July day is too hot to go without hydration. Delicious. Chilled, juic...

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Is it summer  spring yet? Not that I'm eager or anything... [ all images sourced from Pinterest with some editing by me ]

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v-day, d-day
While some may really love this holiday (or generally don't give a damn about this holiday), equal numbers seem to despise it. Really despise it.  Actively. Loudly. Google 'anti-valentine' for a taste. It's funny that Halloween and St. Patrick's can pass so...
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