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Wow how long has it been since ive been on here..... health wise my surgeon is still trying to find out what is wrong with my spine. Having another MRI soon to try and find some pointers ... still a couch potatoe unable to stand upright without many pain meds ... other than medical im doing good... went on Jeremy Kyle last week problems with son... yes i had my 15 mins of fame ... but really needed to find out if son was lying.. i will try to get on here more often but dictates...

any advice, recomdations or worrys and problems .. i would like to hear ... as i never thought i would need replacement surgary at this age so i have no knowlage of what it entails ... need to hear all the for's and againsts for joint replacement's so i can decide if that is the next thing they want to try ....

Ok Good News Im Back From Hospital .. it went ok .. very tender but ok ... bad news the consultant wants me to consider  'Robotic Surgery' .. Thats Hip Replacement .. so i guess the camera showed something iffy inside both hips ... im not keen but will consider

Off To Hospital For 1st of Two Opperations .. Wish Me Luck

Had my one year post opperation check up ... im doing good ... But ... I need Another Two Opperations .. starting to wonder when this medical thing will be over .. and i can accept my limmitations and learn to live with what i have ... ahh well at least they are willing to keep trying to improve my quality of life ...

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Im Back From Hospital ..... I Feel Like A Perforated Tea-Bag Thats Been Run Over By A Steam Roller ... .. Very Sore And Very Tired .. had 15 + Injections Each Side Of My Spine ... And That Was Just Local Anesthetic ... Then The Big Long Needles Were Used ....  Gonna Have Some Food, Some Morphine, And Going To Bed Early :)

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Operation Tomorrow Ugggggg .. Ive Had A Similar Operation Like This Before And It Hurt Like Hell .. Many Hugs and Well Wishes Would Be Appreciated :)

I Got My Date For Hospital Day Surgery ...  Its Next Wed 7th May .. Good that they booked me in so quick.. I think my sergeon sorted that out .. He still has a special interest in me and my back ..  Just Got To Organise Transport ... Hospital Is In Another Town In Another County .. :)

Sorry I Havent Been On For A While But Nothing Much Has Been Happening My End .. Other Than Hospital Stuff .. It Seems I Have Developed A Complication With My Back Surgary And Having Trouble, Walking, Standing Or Sitting ... Waiting On What I Hope Will Be A Minor Operation.. Hopefully I Wont Be On The Waiting List To Long And Can Get Semi Mobile .. But Untill Then Im Stuck In Bed Or Laid On The Settee ... And Its Doing My Head In I Hate Being An Invalid To This Exstent .

Just Got Back From Nine Month Surgical Check Up  .. In A Lot Of Pain ..  They Did Movement Tests on my legs and back, noting my reaction and pain levels. (screams ) The problem i have when i walk and sit has a long 3 barrelled name and is a side affect often accoiated with spinal fusion. Which means i need a mini operation, not surgary, but i need sterroid injections direct into both sides of my hip bones. A one hour operation with area anesthetic so not to bad  .... anyway off to pop pills and lie down :)
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