Anyone visited our site today and seen there is no news? 

Well... we're not holiday. Here's the LD: 

We submitted a fix for the site layout in Opera (which, fwiw, makes less than 2% of all visits - less than IE8). It worked locally but, when it went live: nada. It made all the text vanish in some browsers. 

The 'fix' has been reverted (sorry Opera users) but we're waiting on the 20-odd layers* of caching to catch up. Things will be back to normal in a few hours. 

Whilst the "fix" is in place in the cache Firefox doesn't seem to be affected, neither does Konquerer or Opera (obviously). The issue seems to be affecting (but is no means exclusive to) Chrome and Chromium. 

If you read the site via RSS ( then you probably didn't get this far because you no it doesn't affect you! ;) 

Apologies in the mean time. You may now proceed to throw rotten fruit in our direction.

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