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But the analogy is about abuse and that is exactly what is happening with the money we give our government today.

In addition to the fat that isn't even among the top ten most-crucial government services, those at the very top of that sacred cow list have only delivered riches and power to people living inside the Beltway. Social Security has already failed the politically-motivated selling points of the Roosevelt administration. Obamacare already cuts Medicare by almost $720 billion and penalizes patience for having a relapse of symptoms within 30 days of the first bout by denying funds to hospitals - all with nary a whimper from the left which today seems happy to push granny in her wheelchair over the cliff as long as it means more invasive federal power (Government out of my uterus except for when it is in my uterus and every other body part and making life-and-death decisions for me indeed!).

The federal government has certainly become considerably more than a mere panhandler on a street corner; that implies passersby are free to give or not (among other things). The federal government today is as violent and uncaring as Genghis Khan and a swarm of locusts, leaving death, destruction, and empty fields in its wake. 
Why don't we just tax more and spend more - YA THAT'S THE TICKET!
ter nea
A revolution is coming to America... the blades on the guillotines are being sharpened  and the greedy/entitled are getting ever so nervous! I love it!
Taxes suck is there really anything more to be said about it.
A lot of people say that we China is going to take over, but before long they are due for a ca-lapse  They dont have the ability to keep up, because there currency is not out on the market. As soon as they put there currency on the market people will see how flimsy they are and it will go down... they are no where near what they are saying they are when it comes to strength  .. They have gotten stronger but if you look close they are building city's that have no residents, just so there people have work. They put out propaganda so that ppl will invest, but if you look close there job creation cant keep up with the ppl that are coming of age to work. 1 child policy would have to go to -5 child policy to even break even. we in the US dont have ghost city's  especially city's the size of Miami Fl.
I love the analogy. Almost two of the five days I work each week go to uncle sam, and I am barely able to live off the three days of pay I am able to keep now. Sorry there is no more of my money for these so called adults that are acting like spoiled children. We would do better with children trying to act like adults. 
If you're in a bracket where your effective rate is appx 40% and you can't pay your bills, you're really irresponsible. Just sayin.
If you're going to Georgetown Law and living in Georgetown, have an iPhone, and buy fashionable clothes, you can afford your own contraceptives. Just sayin'. Government out of my purse. 
Maddy you have it right. I think that they should get the hell out of our biz.. Now that they have health care they can literally get into all of our lives. Preventative health care is a Trojan horse for them to control every aspect of our lives. just think about it very close and you will see it, maybe you don't have to even look at it close.. its that easy to see.
Tinfoil hats for sale. Seriously. Crazy sauce.
Also, did you know that most health insurance not run by a cult such as the catholic church already covers the pill? Do you care or is this about ideology for you rather than reality?
Did you find that on Wikipedia? Sources if you want to seem credible but your argument fails. To lavish in the irony, this is about choice - something Democrats never really believed in. 
LOL, you're funny.  You don't care about reality, you just want to push your ideology.  I like people like you, you make me feel reasonable.  Just sayin.
I asked you to prove it. What reality? I just want to be left alone and enjoy my freedom. Stop being a fascist. Just sayin'.
LOL, again, you're so ideological.  You've been convinced that anyone with a different world view than you is necessarily trying to take your freedom from you.  It's a sad day when regular people join what amounts to a political version of a cult, where everyone who isn't like you is necessarily lying, sounds a lot like how scientologists think, truth be told. 

I know you disagree with me, but I have not gotten myself so riled up, so afraid, so worried, that I think you must be trying to take something from me.  But then again, I don't walk around in fear all the time, cuz I'm not a coward.  I am not afraid of other Americans, why are you?
it was a trending article, i would have ignored it but you folks are so full of crap.

look, you're in front of a computer, you have a search engine.  if you cannot find the countless statements where health insurance companies have said it actually saves them money in the long run to provide contraception, i have no idea how you managed to sign up for google plus.

i don't watch msnbc by the way.  i don't have cable tv.  but again, you're so ideological that you've decided exactly who i am.  same as you thinking anyone who isn't a conservative must be trying to take your liberty.  living in a tiny world where variety of opinion is a bad thing must be rough.
A trending article? LOL, sure it was. This seems to me like another example of an empty, mindless liberal just aping the made-up fantasies fed to him by his leaders. Apparently "ideological" is a word you recently learned but it's not applicable. These are real laws that impact me and other real people. This is about butting out of my life, creepy libs. 
Please, look up the sources of the studies, it's the insurance companies themselves.  And please stop over-moralizing the different world views of your neighbors and your fellow Americans.  Pllease stop making this about those who disagree with you necessarily being bad people.  It's the same thing a cult does.  Check out how scientology talks about and deals with people who have a different world view and criticize the church, seems to me that many hard right types like yourself are doing the exact same thing.

The idea that any policy you disagree with is taking away your "liberty" is patently absurd.  This is a secular democratic republic, not a theocracy where one view is the only view and everyone else better fall in line.  Your side lost the last election, in part because people who value a broad discourse reject this dogmatic political approach from the right wing of this country.

I disagree with your politics, but I do not then make the jump to calling you immoral or saying you're trying to take something away from me simply because you're a conservative.  That's not how civilized people in a free society should engage one another.  Maybe it's people who over-moralize this stuff, maybe it's folks like you, who would take away the freedom of others if you had the opportunity.  If you think that those you disagree with are immoral anyways, why would you value their liberty at all?
Why should I or anyone else reading your rants do your homework for you. It's obvious all you know are slogans and lack compassion for other people. 
There you go again. Calling me a fascist. How can you claim to be for liberty if your don't value diversity of opinion?
Fascism is a far right ideology by the way. Not that words and their definitions matter to the right wing. You call any policy you don't like socialism. Lol
David just learned the word earlier in this thread. It's his second-newest word after "ideologue". Just like any three-year-old, he's going to aimlessly wander from room to room saying his new words over and over with no idea what they mean. 
you've decided people who you disagree with are immoral. That's how the taliban does business.  Congrats!
So now anyone you don't agree with is illogical too? Amazing. 
Why is it that people who don't share your world view must be immoral and illogical? It's a totalitarian belief. Aren't you supposedly for liberty? I'm confused now.
So will you tell me why different Americans with different world views are necessarily immoral? Where did you learn that? Who taught you that?
You brought up the Taliban reference. You compare conservatives to the Taliban with the implication that conservatives are immoral like the Taliban. Your turn. 
you, not conservatism, you.  your insistence that anyone who disagrees with you is necessarily immoral is how the taliban and other totalitarian regimes do business.  didn't you claim to be for liberty?  how can you be for liberty when you have decided that those who disagree with you are necessarily immoral?  that's how a cult or a totalitarian government operates, not how an american patriot operates.
"Anyone" is your word. But having characterized someone in the fashion you have, you have done the very thing of which you accuse others. You will necessarily need to drop that charge to regain  credibility. 

But in so doing you continue to prove the reality that some worldviews are patently immoral. Worldviews that support genocide and the denial of any other individual negative right without due process, including the right to property are by definition immoral. Those who work without compensation are slaves and the more of a paycheck that is confiscated from a citizen, the more like slaves they become. That's because under the idea of individual liberty if one is enslaved, all are. When someone steals the earnings of those who work, he deprives them of their fundamental human rights, which is immoral. 

If you wish not to be bothered by your conscience, I suggest you seek not to silence those who point out your error but to reform yourself. 
the things you guys say, the way you talk about those who you disagree with, that's what's unamerican.  if you have decided that everyone who disagrees with you is a bad person then you're a fucking asshole.  being a fucking asshole is not a political position, it's just being a fucking asshole.

my dad is a conservative, but he doesn't talk about other people the way you do.  probably because he lives here in the bay area and understands that not everyone thinks the same way.  his wife, son and daughter are all 3 liberals, and he doesn't hate us.  he's a much better person than you and your ilk.  i can even talk about the places where we disagree on policy and nobody has to be a bad person or unamerican.   that's cuz he's not a hater like you.

if you say hateful things, then people talk shit to you for saying hateful things, it's not like they're just as bad as you.  it's like saying that those who throw murderers and rapists in jail are just as bad as the murderers and rapists because they have "kidnapped" the murderers and rapists.

i hope one day you can accept that fact that you are going to have to live in this country with all different kids of people.  you will meet good and bad people who are conservative as well as liberal.  until you can understand that, you are at a disadvantage socially as well as professionally.  if i hired someone and they started spouting out the kind of hateful shit you spout out, i'd have to fire them.  i have a diverse staff with a variety of opinions, but none of them are so outwardly hateful of those they disagree with as you and your neo-confederate pals who have posted on this thread.

i feel sorry for you and your small life.
if you think we're even, that's fine, but you hate people for being different than you, i just hate the things you say about people who are different than you.  you hate me for being a liberal, i think you're an asshole for hating people.  again, there's a huge difference, but you're part of that political cult where anyone who disagrees with your narrow teabilly world view is necessarily a bad person. 

your life is small.
You know, we're really not. But I'm feeling generous. Come back and join us when you can offer us something other than empty, poorly-spelled rhetoric. Try education - it's your friend.
it's funny, because if i told you where i went to school, you'd hide your jealousy by calling it "the people's republic of...." but that's okay.  i was fortunate enough to get into the school i wanted and i paid for the whole thing myself, working 2 jobs and going full time.  weather or not i spell things correctly on social networking sites really has nothing to do with my ability to reason or my education level.  after all, this is an informal forum, not a dissertation.

people who are not like you, liberals, well, many of us worked hard to get where we are.  many of us own small businesses, and many of us hire people and pay them a good wage and offer benefits.  many of us probably live in your neighborhood and wave hello to you as well.  people like me donate to secular charities which don't hide behind religious tax exemptions and have to actually prove they are doing charity.  we love our families just like you do and we spend our money in our communities, no matter how much more it costs to do so.

you should get to know a few liberals, we're not the evil immoral monsters you wish we were, we just don't see things the way you do, and that's what's great about this country, no matter how much you deny it, the idea that people of all races, sexualities, political and religious persuasions can be countrymen and patriots.  im sorry that you do not see it that way, but one day maybe your thinking will become a little more enlightened and you will accept people who are not just like you.  if i were a religious person, i'd pray to the magical sky man for you, but since i only believe things for which there is evidence, i will simply hope that your mind opens one day.
Not particularly. If I previously highly esteemed that school, my estimation would certainly be lowered. 

I have quite a number of liberal friends but none of them spout empty rhetoric. They are well-educated. I'm afraid we're at an impasse, John. Like Sergeant Schultz, you desperately cling to the party line and continue to talk to people instead of with them about these issues. 

I hope you'll find time and a good lawyer, however, so you might get something in terms of compensation from that alma mater of yours that left you so unprepared to face the real world. 

my "rhetoric" is in response to your consistent statements that people like me, by virtue of disagreeing with your neo-confederate world view, are necessarily immoral.  if the way you talked about people who you disagree with was not so hateful, i wouldn't even have bothered you.

you can disagree with people without making it a huge moral issue where they are necessarily "bad folks" by virtue of not being just like you.  this is the problem i have with the latest incarnation of "the conservative movement".  i know old school republicans who voted for obama because they don't hate gays, atheists, muslims, immigrants and liberals.  that is why your movement will never win a national election if your movement does not change.  people in cities don't play that bigoted shit and people in cities outnumber people who live in small towns by a huge margin. 

change your movement.  you don't seem dumb, you just seem to have bought into this idea that people are trying to take something from you.  it's the fault of the tea party really, not the fault of all conservatives.  but if you let the crazies drive the car, you eventually drive right off a cliff.

as for the schooling thing, i don't even work in political science, which is what my degree is in, i run a small tech company in silicon valley, so as it pertains to my life today, my education only helps me insofar as it taught me how to think critically... another thing that the new conservative movement with their hyper religiosity and their intense nationalism seems to stand in opposition to. 

sigh, what happened to conservatives like my dad?  conservatives who believe that science and reason, not religion and hate, are the way forward.  i guess they disappeared the day barack obama was elected.  what a shame.  if the democrats don't have a strong opposition party, if there is no reasonable and rational opposition to the party in power, no matter the party, that's when tyranny might actually happen.  so, for the sake of our country, please park the clown car and join us here in reality.  we miss you.
yep, everyone who disagrees with you is necessarily uneducated and doesn't read enough.  you're proving my point more and more every time you type.  if you cannot accept that we live in a free society with a wide range of opinions and world views, then i guess there's just not much more to talk about.

enjoy your tiny world of absolutes.
Nope, but everyone who disagrees with me and demonstrates they are uninformed and cannot string together a sentence better than a 10-year-old, hey. It's your own diaper. 
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