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So, I guess people are really fired up (no pun intended) about my 2nd  Amendment Exchange w Piers Morgan
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You're now on my "speak your mind" hero list.
Yes, and the second amendment was written with the most powerful weapons available in mind! 
to use the language of the ole constitution: you lay'th the smack'th down on him.
I would like to point out also that the “military” weapon of the day was muskets.  So since the founders didn’t specify only “civilian” weapons, that they meant military weapons also.  Plus the fact that if the government that can take your money can pay for more and better weapons, and then you wouldn’t be able to fight such a government.  The only way for everyone to keep their freedom is to be on even footing, which would prevent someone trying to make it even by force, such as taking from one to give to another.
Carol, thank you for the tweet to Piers. I personally fought a landmark case against the State of NJ over 2nd Amendment rights and so I very much appreciate a spot-on, concise defense of the very clear language in the Constitution. Unfortunately, reason, logic and the facts are unlikely to persuade him to see what is clearly obvious to us.
Very well stated, nice to see that blowhard get smacked down with a little common sense.  Keep up the great work!
Someone in one of my circles shared and when I saw it, I had to circle you! A wit like yours is not to be ignored.
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