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Big news- I will throw down with Piers Morgan, muskets and all, on his show tonight.  9pm ET, CNN
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too bad I don't have TV.....I will have to catch it on the back end....GO GET 'EM +Carol Roth !
If it weren't for you, he would have zero viewers... he knows if YOU are on his show, people will tune in. What a precious little man he is.
I saw the tweets; FLAWLESS VICTORY!  I can't wait to see what happens tonight!
Your willingness to appear on his show only increases my admiration for you +Carol Roth.  Our nation is increasingly violent and ignorance is the driver not the choice of weapons in committing violent crime.  Whether our hearts are hardened by allowing unborn children to be eliminated, by what we watch and allow our children to watch at the movies and on TV, or the fist, brick, club, bat, knife, or gun the man uses on his partner still violence increases. 
Great job tonight, Carol. You were outnumbered but not outgunned or outclassed.

These people torture logic and are willingly ignorant of history. The government we founded owned no guns at the time of the second amendment's adoption. The government's guns were the people's guns. Now these statists want to control all weapons.

What Dershowitz gets wrong is that violent people commit violence. I said it elsewhere today, were it not for the gun, Kassandra would have been killed another way, but we would have been spared the "tragedy" of a troubled young man committing suicide before his coach and peers. It's not at all about the guns.

Again, great job. You represented yourself well. +Carol Roth 
+Thanks guys.  They stacked the deck and kept me from talking, but I got in key points....
They do that. When they can't argue with reason, they just get more people on their team so they become a bigger bully.
Wow, that Dershowitz is a slimy guy--there were a number of misrepresentations and flat out lies he spoke of.  I quit the NRA a while back, but the louder his ilk get the more I'll consider getting back in.
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