I Made my Favorite Daily Photo list!

Whoo Hoo --- I am psyched! I got an email from a buddy tonight that PhotoExtract.com included me in their "27 Top G+ Photos for Oct 5." (http://www.photoextract.com/plus-extract/2011/10/5). I've been checking out their picks ever since +Guy Kawasaki mentioned them, and the images they pick are always amazing, so a bit shocked, but totally thrilled to see my Bucs/Colts game photo featured on their list.

For me to show the top banner of their site, and my featured photo (which actually appeared much further down the page) all on the screen of my 15" laptop screen took a bit of Photoshop magic, but I did get it done (as seen below). Thanks to the folks at PhotoExtract.com for including my image--I am truly honored! :)
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