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Antti Kokkonen
Technology alchemist. IT Specialist. Gamer.
Technology alchemist. IT Specialist. Gamer.


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Legend of Grimrock (1) is an awesome dungeon crawling game, bringing the gameplay I learned to love in the days of Dungeon Master and the alike. 90 degree turns, grid-based movement, nasty enemies and tough puzzles. A sequel to that awesome game, Legend of Grimrock 2, is coming out soon and I just pre-ordered it. Can't wait to play :)

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Android Google Maps update removed navigation shortcut (that blue arrow that took you directly to the navigation without opening the Maps).

Google thinks it's good usability to force me to click a TINY icon in the Maps app that I never use for anything but navigation :/ :slow clap:

Luckily, there's already an app that does nothing else but add a navigation shortcut.

It's downright stupid that this app is even needed, because the shortcut shouldn't have been removed to begin with, but since it's gone, at least you can get it back again.

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The new YouTube One Channel design will soon be forced on all channels, so it's better be prepared by creating a new channel art/banner and welcome video for people who haven't subscribed yet (best feature in the new channel that one)

To help with the channel art part, I just updated my template for the 2560x1440 size YouTube recommends now:

The original template is in .XCF format, which works for GIMP ( I also created .PSD version from the original for PhotoShop users.

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Key takeaway: "When it comes to Google Search, You are becoming more important than your domain name".

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Dining at Manala.

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Google - Why don't you let me PAY for Google Reader.

Sell the service to someone for the sake of all that's good.

If not, thanks Google for killing RSS.

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I created a template for the new YouTube channel design coming in the near future.

I just uploaded some vacation photos to Picasa. Figured I can easily add the photos to a shared album, but as far as I can tell - no, I need to upload the photos again to that shared album.

To have a photo in X different albums, let alone in several accounts (shared album), I need to upload the same photo X times. Lot of wasted storage. Very green Google, very green.

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This will make you smile! :)

Old Finnish folk song "Ievan Polkka", in this case from a 1952 movie "Savotan Sanni".

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The Force (of crowd-sourcing) is strong in this one. Amazing.
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