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My copy of the #MazeoftheBlueMedusa arrived from Sweden today, instantly becoming the jewel of my collection.
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Six hours of GURPS Morrow Project over Skype for six players. I'm physically exhausted and in pain but boy could we almost smell the gunpowder.
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Played today. Was dealt a lethal blow, but had a magic item that allows to possess another humanoid. The only enemy alive was of opposite gender and different race, but hey, can't be picky. Used the new body to trick a vampire elder who was allied with the cultists we were fighting and whose leader I possessed. Communicating via telepathy I coerced him to come and escort me back to base as I was clearly not safe alone, my companions having been ambushed and slain.

Then to set up an ambush. The problem was his extremely keen senses - couldn't be too close to the cave I was "hiding in". So we set up Seven Gates so, that six of them were in the cave and the last one a mile away. I prepared the cave for a ruse: the portals would be magical scrying devices to show any approaching enemies. I'd be throwing rocks through the portals, and every now and then one would end up where my companions were. When the flow of rocks ceased, they'd step into the portal, and hopefully not be lost in the Limbo in between.

The vampire appeared behind me when I was stoning the portals, and asked if my ritual would take long for we were in hurry. I said that no, I'm on the verge of completion - look! There's one of the scoundrels, I said when our barbarian stepped through the portal. It took the vampire a few precious seconds too long, and our sorcerer also ended up in the cave. I even managed to sell the occurrence as a magical mishap to him. Even fried him with a flaming potion, blaming it on the sorcerer's shape of Ice that he had taken. I surely just tried to melt the threatening Ice Golem - yet had botched my throw. His claws paralyzed my companions, but an icicle fell from the ceiling and I managed to convince him, that the sorcerer was about to collapse the ceiling on us all!

He never got the chance to suspect me, before I dealt the killing blow, striking my staff through his heart, after a brief escape - he had even carried me away from the cave, but Dimension Door got the better of him.
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Red and Pleasant Land: ran for two sessions within two consecutive days. The plot was: Red Bride Tizala hired the players to kill her competitor the Red Bride Ilona, who had snuck away from the Harem to spy on the King's enemies by the means of the sin-whispering fleshy balls from the perplexity tables.

My 6-8 lvl players absolutely ravaged the place: They fell through floors, killed the Pseudoturtle with the help of a scroll of Time Stop, bought pipeweed from a well of children with some meat from Mome Raths, that in turn had killed a PC's henchman and god-son brutally. They killed a demon via flood and shark transformation, banished another that was bound to protect the princess by giving them the pipeweed that was required in his contract (treasure tables...), negotiated with a pale Bishop who had put the place on lockdown to keep the princess in etc etc.

The Bride charmed one of them to help her pack up her papers after Exploding Runes blew up the vats full of whisperers and two other PCs had to escape to lick their wounds. They staked the princess when she tried to leave, and went to loot the offices - and then I asked for the final Wandering Monster for the day, I thought. d6 - > 1 Mm nice. Roll d100 please. 00! THE RED KING. Vlad Vortigen himself had realized his prized bride was missing and went to look for her - and found her impaled. A perfect set-up, we all thought that this was a TPK waiting for happening.

But no. On the first two rounds of combat the King almost killed the fighter with a crit and seriously wounded the druid and the thief, but then, in two consecutive initiative counts (having lost the former and won the latter) they made a legendary comeback. The druid healed the bleeding (I have custom critical tables) fighter, the fighter stabbed the King twice with a silvered spear, tripping him yet failing to disarm the King. The thief used this opportunity to smack the King with a holy mace of beating the shit out of undead or something. On the next round the Fighter critically hit the king, damaging his spine to cause a Slow effect and the Druid dropped a Heat Metal on his armour. The King's immune to spells, but I came to the conclusion nothing was said about his armour. He yeilded, transformed into a bat and flew. I was absolutely dumbfounded.

The party left the place 40 k GP and 60 k XP richer.

Thank you, +Zak Smith, +James Raggi  , for making this hell-of-a-ride possible!
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DnD 5e. Bards. Mechanics-wise? Decent, I guess. Fluff? Terrible. Are there any houserule alternatives for Inspiration or anything? Hasn't anybody else felt the need?

I don't like how sometimes the bard can, with just words, have you do stuff better and then sometimes not. Guess you grow tired of his shit? Plus singing or playing have no place in combat. Don't be ridiculous.  Doesn't match my grit level, nor does it fit my campaign setting's idea of bards.

The spellcasting progression and expertise and such are wonderful. But where to mine ideas for stuff to replace Inspiration with?
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Right. I'm running an Elder Scrolls DnD campaign. A player of mine, whose character is a rogue (Assassin) wanted a divine favour. From the Mistress of Night, Nocturnal, as is fitting for a thief type.

So I was like you're going to a) have give her a proper sacrifice to summon her on her summoning day which is incidentally five days from now and b) get her something even nicer as the payment for the favour. The player was like oh she'll totally just want the Skeleton Key (as happens in Skyrim) and I was like no that's boring.

Thus I rolled for a magic item and having a 1/727 chance I ended up with the fucking Skeleton Key. Let the die fall where they may. So I continued and determined a proper target for the initial sacrifice - a magic item called Shadow Mirror. How... Oddly thematically sound.

Then I determined the NPC to have the Mirror and ended up with an old artist that has a bloody death wish. And the character in question was an assassin, mind you. Some days I'm genuinely worried my dice are possessed or something.
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