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Ninja On Rye
softdev of oz, sci-fi aficionado, connoisseur of fine metal
softdev of oz, sci-fi aficionado, connoisseur of fine metal

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Jeff Bezos got to try out one of the giant mechs of Hankook Mirae Technology. Yes, those 4m tall Method-2 beasts. No, there's no video of him in it that I've seen (but if you haven't seen the Method-2 itself before, see youtube for )

I can't help but notice that Outlook has the option of displaying the temperature in your calendar in Fahrenheit or in Celsius. And it defaults to the former.
Since Outlook also has your city location, why doesn't it have a third option (set to default) which is use the metric or imperial type that matches your city
This is something many things could use. Take information item 1 and use it to help select a default on information item 2.

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Surely there should be a music-equivalent of tsundoku.

Debugging is like being the detective in a crime movie … where you’re also the murderer

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Rethinking the future of work
Richard Di Natale of the Australian Greens discuss trialling a UBI as per other countries, for "a 21st century economy, where work is changing radically".
Richard elaborates, saying it could enhance creativity, promote innovation and "reset what is meaningful in our lives".
He also raises the notion that we should discuss the disparity in working hours, where some people are unable to find work, or enough hours of work, whereas others are overworked and would benefit and prefer being able to work fewer hours or days.

~3 min.

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Hot damn that looks awesome. Create your own "track" in the sandpit, scan it and then VR race on it. Endless fun!
Minute and a half...

Auto-correct that makes you wonder
Me: lays out a careful rationale as to why a collection of events with specific durations and dependencies will result in a sequence that is unplannable
Google phone auto-correct: I think you mean plannable.
Me: Oh, interesting...

Auto-correct that makes you wonder
Me: rants about the erosion of privacy and the surveillance state and corporations owning every bit of data on our health and our lives leading to a future dystopia...
Google phone auto-correct: I think you mean utopia.
Me: hmmm...

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C++17 working paper moves to the voting stage for acceptance as international standard. as_const(good times)
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