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The more we raise our pricing to accommodate our problems, the narrower our market becomes.

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Those who have not identified their mistakes of the past and destined to repeat them.

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Hey! Its been awhile. Just wanted to drop by and mention a new site I launched. The focus here is more behind the scenes stuff such as systems, thinking, strategies, and decision making. All the boring stuff that matters.

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It works. Surprisingly. My problem wasn't so much a double click issue rather a right click issue where I would need to right click 3 times. Works now and I think every comment posted said they got their mouse to work. Worthy of a share.

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The (NEW) Maximum Painting Platform. We're live. Come join us.  

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This is great. Nonstop.

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The Brushing Guide - How To Apply Paint


The Truth About this Guide 
Selecting a Brush 
Wall Brushes vs. Trim Brushes
Straight Cut vs. Angled Cut
Flagged Tips vs. Non-Flagged
Blunt Cut vs. Chiseled Cut
What to do about bent tips
For All Paints - A Misnomer
What to do before you begin painting
Why you need water 
Loading a Brush 
About the Millage
Positioning the Brush 
The Sweet Spot
Pivot Points. All brushes have them
Biting off more than you can chew
Painting Trim
Cleaning a Brush
Brush Maintenance 

78 pages with 6 linked video demonstrations. 

Find it in the Guides section on

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Video about how we see colors. Do you see the same red I see?

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