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Yago Perez
Registered Dietitian. SEO expert.
Registered Dietitian. SEO expert.


Soñar como germinar semillas de orquídea.
Y que se te olvide el sueño.
Está pasando. 😦
Estaba con alguien que lo había conseguido y me explicaba todo el proceso y todo lo necesario.
Pero...ahora se lo llevó al olvido mi cerebro.
Existe una planta (?) sencilla de cultivar a partir de semilla que crece con un hongo (?) en simbiosis, una micorriza. Aprovechando el crecimiento del hongo con la planta fácil de cultivar, se siembra las semillas de orquídeas. Y el hongo las ayuda a germinar 😀. Que planta y que hongo? Lo sabía esta noche. Ya no 😖

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Have you already tested yours? My site loads in 3-4s 😇

Sorry but I have to say that there's so many shitty posts about SEO...
Why would any professional SEO expert want to give away advices?
As in the rest of the internet...just don't trust everything you read.

Can I make a laugh at our Google Partners not mobile friendly website? :)
Just a little? Come on...please...
Hope they update it soon :)

Does anyone know how to report the misuse of the Google Partner logo?

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#Google #Assistant made me laugh

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Hello all. I'm a Spanish registered Dietitian who started his online business back in 2005. I was the first Dietitian who fully programmed and edited his own website. I had to learn everything about website management, design, optimization... I started in 2005 learning html language and my first website was done on html with no CMS. Since then I have been working on several websites I own, most related to Nutrition. If anyone wonders, I'm definitely more expert in website management that in Nutrition. Website management is much more complex and dynamics, while Nutrition hasn't had too many changes in years. After this very long time I finally had time to pass all Google exams. I'm specialised in SEO and SEM but as I learnt to deal on my own with everything I can be handy for any website owner.
You can see all my certificates in this collection: I'm also a Local Guide.
Feel free to contact me on my personal email address Regards.

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I finally had time to finish the remaining exams and get all Google certifications as a Google Partner.
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New certifications.
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I finally had some time to pass some exams, 3 of them.
AdWords Mobile, Google Analytics and Mobile Sites.
Check out my profile:
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