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Anders Steen Christensen
"How very neutral of you!"
"How very neutral of you!"

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So my DFTB3/CPE polarization paper just got published in JCP: #CompChem #OpenAccess

Still lots of things to fix in semi-emprical and minimal-basis methods though!+Jan Jensen +Jimmy Charnley Kromann 

apt-get install python-pip
pip-install pymodule

>>> troll_level = MAX

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Happy birthday +Jimmy Charnley Kromann !!
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I just spotted the breakfast cereal Jesus would have preferred. Salvation for only $8.19 plus tax! #WholeFoods #MURRRRICA

Haven't been bullied for like 6 months now. It's like my coworkers don't love me. Left my computer unattended. Not even an innocuous lemonparty screen saver when I returned to my desk. :(

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Use MathJax in your GMail and GChat:
+Jimmy Charnley Kromann 

I had this amusing error today:

error: floating-point operation result is out of range
  double NAN = 1.0/0.0 - 1.0/0.0;

Very interesting, clearly meant to produce a nan! Apparently this compiles with GCC but not Intel compilers. :)

From the Phaistos source modules/mocapy/external/mocapy/src/utils/netlib/cephes/const.c(97)

So this is how software development in my field works.

Sane way to declare a variable:
! This variable does what I describe here
real*8 descriptive_variable_name

! I added this line back in 1983 lol
real*8 ADKJFJ

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Sums up my experience with the south side of Madison, WI.
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