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Tim Beyers
Tim Beyers writes about the business of innovation, comics, and genre entertainment
Tim Beyers writes about the business of innovation, comics, and genre entertainment


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+Mashable had an interesting story on the chances of #Apple ending updates for the #MacBookAir. Click the link for my analysis of their take.

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Sometimes I wonder which of the top‬ tech #SiliconValley companies will give me ‪#‎StarTrek‬ style ‪#‎tech‬. +Facebook is one of the leaders. - via +The Motley Fool

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BREAKING: #AntMan  reaches #boxoffice  profitability.

Issue 55 gives some perspective on what the numbers are now and where the movie fits in terms of MCU financial performance. Are you surprised by the win? Do you want #Marvel  making more movies like this?

#marvelmovies   #comics     #comicbookmovies  

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BREAKING: New suit for #TheFlash  in season 2. Thoughts? Like the look?

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Far as #SDCC  goes, I'll take Robert Kirkman for the win. But all the talk of DC losing? Not buying it. #comics   #comicbookmovies   #batmanvsupermandawnofjustice  

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Didn't get a chance to attend #SDCC  this year, but I'm still writing about #comics  and the business as much as I can. Follow the link for the Issue 38 show notes for The Full Bleed.

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For anyone interested in #comics  and in Orlando this weekend. +Julian Chambliss knows his stuff.
Talking about Black Panther and postcolonial symbolism at the public library on Saturday. I'm excited about his talk.

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Issue 34 of +The Full Bleed goes between the panels with another #business  tip for creators. This time, we talk about how movie producers sell film projects and how their approach can help you market your own work. Watch now and you'll learn:

* How producers make even bizarre movie concepts relatable by drawing on projects that have enjoyed commercial success.

* How to make your own project relatable by tying it to known properties or even known creators.

* The difference between pitching a unique project with relatable themes, and trying to "game the market" with a copycat idea.

Ready for the rest of the story? Click the video to watch now and then subscribe to never miss an issue:  Also, if you know of #comics  creators who might benefit from this sort of business advice, here's a direct link to the new issue:

The Full Bleed is a proud member of The Geek Initiative:

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The 1 Thing You Need to Make #Comics  Professionally H/T @JoePulizzi

Show notes for issue 32 of +The Full Bleed are now available. This week's business issue goes between the panels to discuss why indie creators should focus on just one platform when distributing a comics project. Here's why:

* Keeping a schedule and publishing in one place allows fans who like your work to recommend to their friends where and when to find you, because they know new stuff will be there.

* Also, you need a track record. Ryan Browne turned God Hates Astronauts into a semi-regular webcomic in 2010. Image Comics picked it up in print last year. Katie Cook has been writing and drawing her adorable webcomic, Gronk: A Monster's Story, since April of 2010. Five years later, she has a print deal with Action Lab. Doing the hard work of building audience first -- in one place, and one place only -- CAN pay off.

* Predictability also forces you to be professional. And that's what you want to be, right? A comics industry professional?

Watch this week's episode and then follow the link for the rest of the show notes. Like what you see? Add us to your pull list and you'll get two issues a week for the low, low price of free --
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