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I remember when Google Chrome used to be the fast, snappy, and light weight browser that we all knew and loved. However, the browser has been heavily bogged down by numerous updates that include tons of features that were not necessary for daily use, mainly...

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Some updates
Now that the Polarity Forum is finished, I am now focused on finishing translations in Polarity. Once Spanish is completed, translations to other languages should come much quicker. A major update is also in the works.

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Polarity 7.0.1 and 7.0.2
These two updates have been released to iron out some of the issues that occurred in version 7.

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Polarity 7
Polarity 7 is now out along with a newly redesigned website. This is one of the largest updates that I have pushed out for Polarity and many of the new changes were from user feedback. This update also fixes important issues with PolarPass as well. Visit th...

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Polarity has finally reached 250,000 downloads worldwide! It has gotten 40,000 downloads from just last month alone and it will continue to increase. Stacks is a new web app that saves tabs on Polarity and should be released soon. Translations for Spanish a...

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Polarity 6.3
Polarity 6.3 is now out. This update is mainly a UI update which adds shadows to the tab container. The shadows help to better define where the tabs are and provide depth that mimic those in Android's Material Design. Other design changes included a better ...

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Polarity 6.2.5
Polarity 6.2.5 is now out and adds several user requested features. Update today!

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Today Phlee has been released! Phlee is a simple way to unblock websites right in your browser without any installation. You can try it out now at
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