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Tenor Teichert
I love sports, art, horses, my family, and God!
I love sports, art, horses, my family, and God!

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An Unexpected Answer
This morning when I woke up the wind was roaring! The RV Trailer was rocking from side to side like a mothers frantic rocking chair. Instantly I thought to myself that I just as well as remain in bed for another 10 minutes instead of getting up to make a lu...

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It's Been Too Long!!
I have been terrible at writing on this blog!! In fact it has been nearly two years and a lot has transpired in my life since then! Got home from my mission worked on a ranch, worked at home, caught up with family and friends, skied, bought a truck and dirt...

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Why take the long way around!?
     Today I look back on a day
when I was hauling hay for a family that I worked for for a couple of
years while growing up.         Their older boy who had not yet left on his mission was there along with
his younger brother, and the three of us were h...

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Take part in likening the gospel to others!
Thank you all so much for supporting my blog! I have been writing all of these stories and connecting them to the gospel so that everyone who reads these posts can learn how to recognize God working in their lives a little bit more. Through a short survey I...

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What is this thing we call Intelligence?
 Intelligence      This word is used on a regular basis in today's society, and I feel that the majority of people don't really comprehend what it actually means.      Let's think about this a little bit here today....      First I want you to think about s...

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Lood Ahead and Believe, nothing fearing!
Leave it in God's Hands      If there is one thing that I have come to learn in my life it is that we can not control every single little detail of our lives. There are so many other variables that are entailed in the outcome of any given situation. Here I ...

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I will Live as Narrow as His Truth
People in Your Path      This last Sunday I was sitting in the lounge of our apartment complex doing when a lady that works there walks in with two guys that she had been giving a tour of the place to. The one that looks younger hung back in the room that I...

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Have More Christ In Christmas This Year
Spread the Joy this Christmas Season      I want everyone to pay attention to the little things that God has blessed you with this season and take a hold of them and cherish them. As you go about the next week I want you to pay attention to those that are a...

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So you think you KNOW!?
Knowing is a process of applying Active Faith      Do you know your car is still in the parking lot?      How did you know you would be with your family today?       Were you sure that the sun would come up this morning?       Now, are you really sure that ...

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Feed Before Dark
     This time around I have done something a little different. I have told the story, but left out the connection to the Gospel. I want to have you as the readers post how you would connect the gospel to this story. I am going to start doing this so that y...
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