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Varun Yuvraj
Students, Math Enthusiasts
Students, Math Enthusiasts
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Perfect numbers and Mersenne Primes
“One would be hard put to find a set of whole numbers with
a more fascinating history and more elegant properties surrounded by greater
depths of mystery—and more totally useless—than the perfect numbers.” —Martin Gardner While it is true that perfect numbe...

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The magical world of the Fibonacci sequence and the Golden Ratio.
Fibonacci sequence is quite simply the most famous and elegant (and also our
favorite!) number sequence in Mathematics. But what exactly is it? The
Fibonacci sequence is a sequence (not a series; a series is a summation of the
sequence) of numbers which...

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‘Mathematics’-Is it really that scary?
A lot of people have gone through
"Mathematical Anxiety".  Mark
H. Ashcraft defines Math Anxiety as “a feeling of tension, apprehension, or
fear that interferes with math performance ”. There are a lot of reasons for it. Students often develop mathematical ...

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A Day for every Date- beat the calendar!
One of the most impressive feats of mental calculation: calculate the day of any random date in your head. While it may sound extremely t...

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'The 3 Kid Problem' solution
The solution video for 'The 3 Kid Problem'  is now online, go check it out!! SOLUTION

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