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I'm a little slow today...but I take it that is a good thing that there is no black or gray colorants?
Hi +David Chism as I have learned the colors are different than anything else out there. This color line will be available in Benjamin Moore Aura paint. My dealer is fishing some material for me. Designers will be very interested in specifying "new" and "unique"
Very true. It is a good marketing decision by them. As it is hard for paint stores to match BEN MOORE Aura colors. 
David, your opinion..this color line will be great when it is fully rolled out. A problem I anticipate will be one of our designer clients will like a new color(s) and then specify the color and then call out "Regal" or "Dulamel"..these other product lines can be matched but will not always replicate the color exactly as they are intended for the Aura line. Do you think a blog post or video explaining this to our clients is the best way to get the message out in a positive manner. No design professional wants to be wrong, and the color work arounds have been time consuming when the project expectations are very high.
John, I think it would be a great blog post. Your the video guy! I'd probably do both. Do the video then have a short summary in text, for those searching for that sort of thing. You can use it in your email newsletters to inform your existing clients, then of course, post on the proper social sites. I've run into the same problem before. The hard part will be not making the designer look bad. They sometimes have the client's best interest in mind, so they select a "cheaper paint." As I write this, might be worth making the video geared towards the designers, in a non threatening way. Just tell them that the Aura colors cannot be matched. I mean they can...but it won't look exactly the same! So, I didn't tell you anything new...just giving you thumbs up here that it is a great idea.
John I have only briefly reviewed the new book, but to be honest I didn't see any colors that wow'ed me. I make plenty use of the Affinity book when doing a color consultation, it is my favorite.

I do realize it is a fool proof way to up sell a better paint, and I like that. Do you see any colors that seem that special to you? My home store was pretty much under the same impression as I was. Maybe my opinion will change once I have had the chance to see something painted in these new colors. I really don't know of any technical reason why no black/grey would be a good thing. Truer colors?

Here is a FB discussion by BM on this topic.
+Tommy Johnson thx I missed that FB you ever navigate the "Affinity" colors to regal line color match? And how successful are the matches. The product switch for our work is not usually a price issue..some designers are just loyal to the products they have used for years. One designer in Seattle only uses their 20 year old Ameritone color deck.
Yes John, the Affinity line seems to do well in Regal. I do have a great store as well, so I am sure that helps.

However I would think Gennex -computer tinting should have that down pat for any store I would think.
So I am painting my kitchen in new colour stories and I did up a bunch of sample boards. Never have I had colours transform so much in front of my eyes.
I tried to colour match to use Advance for the cabinets and we couldn't get the formula to match the Aura colours. It really is going to depend on the paint but BM is being pretty adamant that these are colours for Aura. Not sure if they will be able to keep that up for long.
Great conversation, I am sure we could find someone to do a write up on Blogging Painters! We also have a new feature called Open Mike where Scott Burt is interviewing Dana Autenrieth, who is in charge of the Residential Contractor Segment at Benjamin Moore. Check it out at
Heidi, I don't see Ben Moore budging much in opening their color formulas. They are marketing their Aura as something different. The second their formulas are released, Aura will vanish. BM currently has blue oceans to sale in right now. No reason to mudding the waters. 
Hi David, BM is trying to keep Color Stories for Aura only and not letting is be formulated for Regal or Ben or other BM products. It is part of their marketing for this to be a high-end set of colours for their highest end paint. The problem is some of their products serve very specific purposes and perform better than Aura in those areas. How will they keep those colours for Aura only if a customer (like in my case) want to use it in Advance for painting cabinets or trim?
I'm not sure. But Regal and Ben colors, I think, can be formulated using any other brand such as Glidden, Sherwin Williams, etc. right? I guess it is just a way to really protect their newest line of paint. Would be nice to open it up within their other lines, but I still don't see that happening. 
They will definitely be using this as part of their "you can't match a BM colour" marketing and will be able to have more success because of the number of colorants in some of the colours.
+Heidi Nyline thanks for bring up an issue we have to navigate often: work arounds. The Affinity Colors/Color Stories are designed for Aura; the matches to other products are matches. Most often the matches are acceptable...for certain designers (who sometimes reject Aura to Affinity) the sign off is is a low percentage. I understand why..the designer getting paid $50k for all interior finishes needs to be perfect in their work. Unfortunately many designers have conflicting information about products/finishes, yet are the primary advocate/specify er for the owner..."we want white cloud in high gloss enamel in zero voc" etc.
It definitely adds a level of challenge for us. And you are right about the product/finish issue. It will be interesting to see if BM eventually comes out with the formulas for each of their OWN products.
Hi everyone. Some of you know me but for those who don't... I manage Social Media at Benjamin Moore. We've fielded a lot of questions around Color Stories and Aura lately, so please let me know if I can help clarify anything for you.
+Lisa Sharp Does Benjamin Moore have a g+ profile yet? I would love to know the answer to the question I posed in this thread. What technical advantages does not having grey or black tint in a color offer?
+Tommy Johnson the full spectrum colors are achieved in part because there are no blacks and grays.
+Lisa Sharp it would be great to migrate to BM G+ page for conversations...this will be my first question..are CP/universal colorants in the BM line slowly being phased out, or will they just be complimentary to Genex. I have noticed dealers are stocking less Regal Vs. Regal Select.
Thanks for chiming in Lisa Sharp. It is always great to have an company rep in on these discussions. I would love to know more about why BM makes its colours specific to certain products instead of its entire brand. As a painting company, it can add a level of frustration for our customer.
+Heidi Nyline The Color Stories palette is specific to Aura has more to do with the properties of Aura because Aura offers the truest representation of color that we can possibly provide. This is really only the case for Color Stories and not of the other palettes.
+Tommy Johnson It's not really a technical advantage but a better truer color experience than when we use black or grey.
+Lisa Sharp how will the color conversion be with the Benjamin Moore Color Stories palette when matched to Regal? I have a staple of designers who always spec Regal (not Regal Select) because of their 20+ year history/loyalty with that specific product. After New Jersey I plan to create a video&article pro-actively encouraging a move to all the Genex products.
Two months after this conversation started about Color Stories, after meeting the scientist who created the resins & colorants, and after three projects with paints from the CSP system I am very impressed with "full spectrum" and what this system will offer designers and contractors in their work to improve the color quality of peoples homes. Color Stories are a "big deal"..see picture thanks +Lisa Sharp +Benjamin Moore +Benjamin Ruoff
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