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IT Leader, Developer, Social Media SME

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Dutch Court Rules Fan Subtitling Illegal

I've written bout this before:

I'm on the side of the public on this one. You don't own every crowd-created text file because you think it "encourages" downloading (does this include all fan fiction? Reviews? Parodies?). Wht about computer generated titles? What about this service for the deaf?

If content creators actually provided subtitles, especially for live broadcasts, this would be less of an issue.


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Google Hangouts Changed

Thursday morning I woke up to over 200 invitations to chat. On investigation I discovered that Google had "reset" all my Hangout notification settings to "Anyone can contact", and I spent about 20 minutes turning them all back off for my 50 circles.

Why did this happen? Google changed Hangouts and in the process failed to keep my old settings (intentionally I'm thinking; there's a Silicon Valley mindset that they are smarter than you and we're all friendly so why would you want features off?).

I've very dependent on Hangouts, not because of collaboration or video conferencing or chatting, but because combined with Google Voice it allows my Android phone to support multiple phone numbers for work and personal use. I also use Gmail phone calls on my laptop (what is it using today? Hangouts? Voice? Chat?). This makes me fearful for any change to Google Hangouts or Voice, even though it all is a really big confusing mess. Creating Google Duo and the removal of a good SMS default on Android didn't help it. It didn't start a mess; Hangouts and Handouts on air, coupled with Google Events, worked great and was incredibly useful. It became a mess when Google decided to combine chat, SMS, and phone calls into it, and remove Events.


Google Hangouts has been changed (back) into a collection of communication services with a new portal look. The goal is to create an alternative to popular tools like Slack, Trello, Flowdock (or what most Enterprise companies use; Outlook + Communicator + SharePoint + Yammer). They've also added integration into Google Drive features.

I like the changes, but I didn't like that they reset my preferences, made me switch SMS, and still lack settings I need to control my privacy and visibility. Also without knowing what will be free and what will require payment (that I won't do), I can't judge how badly or beneficial the changes will actually be for me.

For example; when Skype created a business tier, they disabled all frame grabbers and multiple cameras in their free tier, which really screwed up my home studio for a while. However Skype now allows free group calls, which use to have a fee. Skype's place in my life (I NEVER use it for phone calls or text chats) is mainly the desktop. I use Facetime or Duo on my phone. In order for Hangouts to have value for me, it will need to continue to support phone dialing on Android, and group video calls to at least 5 people free.

With very few exceptions (and those are pre-arranged), I don't use Hangouts for chatting. Most of my friends chat on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter DM. That wasn't always true; at one time Hangouts was my default tool for everything. What changed what that most of my friends stopped using it. I've even tried to switch to WhatsApp or Confide, but if your friends don't participate then it's useless.

BTW If I don't know you and you invite to chat on Hangouts, I'm likely to publicly flame and/or block you, so it's not smart to try me as a promotional destination because I have a large following. I won't lick your link or share your info.

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Google Voice Getting An Upgrade?


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To late to save me and 250 friends from #Disney terminations but hopefully other older Americans can be protected.

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Ghost In The Shell Trailer

So excited to see one my favorite anime series come to the big screen. They better now screw up the Tachikoma!

#Anime #gits #ghostintheshell

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Today I met "Suds", the mascot at #Raleigh NorthridgeAutoSpa carwash.


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Feds walk into a building and demand everyone's fingerprint to unlock phones

#security #rights #privacy

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Disney H-1b Lawsuit Dismissed

Judge admits it displaced American jobs, but it wasn't illegal.

#Disney #h1b

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Google Hangouts On Air Moving To YouTube Live

It makes sense this would get moved to YouTube Live. That's where the broadcast landed anyway, and Google removed events from Google+ a while back. However it also indicates that Google is either focusing more on a dedicated video & streaming service that a social one where video appears inline, or that they are simply moving it to the teams and resources responsible for maintaining it.

#tech #technology  

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Nearly Half Trump And Clinton's Twitter Followers Are Fakes
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