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Carolyn Boozer

Hello and Good Day Mr. Kilmer I have a 1999 Ford Taurus Vin (U) that I am unable to get through emissions to save my life. It started with the P0136 code so I changed the 02 Sensor but nothing. In short, I've changed both sensors in Bank 1. Then it coded P0306 so I changed the spark plugs the air filter cleaned out the MAF with CVC spray changed the fuel filter and cleaned the throttle body. My long fuel trims are staying mainly staying low but have jumped once or twice. Yesterday while on the freeway the check engine light started blinking and instantly it starting running like shit. I pulled off the road and it went back off then came back on and stayed on about 4 blocks later. I dont know what else to do.

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I've changed both sensors in bank 1 and cleaned the MAF with CVC spray. And I reset the short and long fuel trims. This code is preventing my car from passing emissions. Any ideas?

I have a 1999 first taurus se with a Vulcan engine that I've been trying to fix. Recently my Husband and his friend replaced the thermostat and now the car won't do anything when I turn the key (they accidently touched the disconnected positive cable to its terminal a bunch of times in a very short period before I disconnected the hot wired fan). No lights, no noise, nothing. I've changed the battery, the positive battery cable,the ground wire, fuses including the mega fuse, starter/starter solenoid, the water pump and the serpentine belt. When I received the car the fan was hot wired to the stereo. I undid the hot wire. Does the red stereo wire the fan was hooked up and the black wire next to the red wire need to be hooked up to something? Also my ignition tumbler came out when I giggled it trying to make contact. I don't know where to go from here.
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