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Facts About Sex
Interesting facts, articles and resources about sex.
Interesting facts, articles and resources about sex.


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Safety First In The Bedroom

Sex can be amazing but it can also put you in a lot of danger if you're not careful. Whether you're tying your partner up or putting questionable objects inside you, here's some tips to help keep you safe.

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How to Discover Your Kink

Do you know your kink? Discover what really turns you on with these tips.

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Apparently women don't enjoy these sexual positions but do you agree?

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Calories Burned During Sex Infographic

Burn calories having sex. Infographic includes the number of calories burned in missionary position, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, doggystyle and whilst stood up. The infographic also contains information on calories burned performing oral sex, kissing and masturbating.

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5 Ways Sex Apps can Improve Your Love Life

Sex apps can help to add passion, variety and pleasure to your sex life. We explain 5 ways apps can help you to have better sex.

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Average Penis Size Revealed

The results of an average penis size study based on 15 thousand penises have been revealed. According to the study the average erect penis is 5.16 inches in length and 4.6 inches in girth. Is that bigger or smaller than you expected?

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Songs about Premature Ejaculation

Get in the mood for love-making this Valentine's Day with this collection of songs about premature ejaculation.

#PrematureEjaculation   #ValentinesDay

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Why Do Men Feel Tired After Sex?

Is tiredness after sex normal and how can it be prevented?


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Measure Your Penis Properly

Measure your penis in the correct ways so you know your real length and girth.


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Premature ejaculation is a common problem that many men experience. Thankfully it can be cured. Facts About Sex provides examples of methods for overcoming PE.

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