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Things we need to take it account when filming
As we can see here filming may be difficult to film because of how busy this particular road can be. Therefore the time in which we film is important because it has to be a time where we can get enough filming done effectively without too much interference ...

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Changes to our opening sequence

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How These Changes Affected Our Opening Sequence
New Location Keston Ponds - We decided on our new location as it was much quieter and the scenery was a lot more complimentry to our storyline because it wasn't as hectic and busy as our last location. We did not have to worry about the extra noise that we ...

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Final title
'Dating Sam; is the title

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Initial title ideas
thinking of titles, there was a few things that we wanted to take in to
account. We didn't want our title to be too long which could make our title
ineffective. We therefore decided that our title would have between 2-4 words.
After thinking of various...

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Evaluation Question 7
Through filming our opening sequence I have realized that
filming scenes in the correct way and using the camera and editing it in the
best way takes a lot of time and concentration. Evidenced also by our
preliminary, perfect editing takes concentration and...

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Evaluation Question 6
listen to ‘Preliminary development’ on Audioboo

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Evaluation Question 5
Created with Padlet \

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Evaluation Question 4
Below is our survey that we handed out to around: Although it's basic we wanted to keep it short so that we got the exact information we needed.

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Film Opening Sequence

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