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Guestotel Technology Inc.
Guestotel is the global manufacturers for Online Guestroom Management & OLED Door Locking / Access System
Guestotel is the global manufacturers for Online Guestroom Management & OLED Door Locking / Access System
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24 October is World Development Information Day. The more people who know about the #GlobalGoals the more people on board to make them a reality.

Thank you for helping us share the message about the Sustainable Development Goals (#GlobalGoals)!

Here's how we're working for people and planet:
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The Hotel Show
The Hotel Show

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We are inviting you for this coming exclusive event in Hospitality Industry, The Dubai Hotel Show 2017 which will be held from 18th to 20th September 2017. Our stand 7A281 is located at Hall 7 [Technology and Security Hall Exhibition].

This year we will showcase an exceptional designs and integrated technology that are timely in today’s trends in Hospitality Industry.

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Guestotel are proud to introduce their newly launched cost effective & value engineering Guest Room Solution, the OTEL 5400+, which is an excellent remodeling, reintroducing and renovation of their OTEL-5350. Their OTEL 5400+ is a PLUG & PLAY easy-to-install GRMS solution suitable for either new or retrofit Hotel / Apartment Projects. The OTEL 5400+ is market competitive in terms of its features, performance, reliability and Price.

Their Online Frontend for OTEL 5400+ is very user friendly graphical software that also has certified PMS TCP/IP OPERA Interface from ORACLE MICROS.

Their team of engineers have devoted significant effort in Value Engineering, this was the tool used to unlock embedded GRMS features and value in terms of what functions to be included in the products and cost of those functions. The balance they have between function and cost ultimately determines the perceived value of their OTEL 5400+ GRMS Solution.

OTEL 5400+ Includes

1. Room Controller with Power Supply.

2. OLED Corridor Door Access Panel with Touch Bell Switch DND/MUR/PW with Standard Silver Finish Frame.

3. Energy Saving Holder with DND & MUR Switch with Standard Silver Finish Frame.

4. Bedhead DND/MUR/ PW Panel with Standard Silver Finish Frame.

5. Door Electric Strike.

6. Door Sensors.

They also have other optional wall accessory frames which include finish such as Glass, Metal and Wood. At the same, they can also customize precise finishes to suit your interior decor upon special order.

If you would like to have more information on Guestotel products, please contact your local Guestotel Dealer or visit their website in
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