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Mel Craven
Not quite your average nail-blogger.
Not quite your average nail-blogger.


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Here is KL Polish Chloe : There's not much to say about it, really: it's a drab olive-green creme. And yet I'm definitely drawn to this color. I'm looking forward to trying it out.

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NOTD: Destiny naked
(I started to channel Simply Nailogical and say "without taco" but I think that's getting a little too  obscure - if you can call a YouTuber with several million followers obscure.. I also had "sans top-coat" in the title at one point. But I decided "naked"...

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Splash Of Grenadine + MAC primer
I wanted to buy the MAC Prep+Prime, so I ordered it from Nordstrom's, and of course I couldn't resist adding a polish as well - I picked Essie Splash of Grenadine: I had a sample of the Prep+Prime (from a past Nordstrom purchase? I'm not sure) and I really ...

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Turn On The Northern Lights!
Here is OPI Turn On The Northern Lights! Remember me saying I only bought one polish from the fall OPI collection? This is the one. There were other things that I liked in the Iceland collection, don't get me wrong, but this is the only one that felt like w...

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Here is KL Polish Wishbone : I don't buy pale polishes much and I don't buy cremes all this much, so I really didn't have anything like this. It's a pale gray with maybe a slight hint of taupe, I would say. It's very cool-toned, which is pretty hard to find...

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Teen Spirit
Here is China Glaze Teen Spirit , from last fall's Rebel collection: I have a couple of other polishes from this collection but for some reason I didn't pay any attention to this one at the time. But it's lovely, in a Turn On The Northern Lights vein (thoug...

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NOTD: Destiny layers
So I was talking about doing some kind of Astros manicure - their colors are orange and navy. (If you think that sounds loud, try their "rainbow" uniforms .*) I toyed with the idea of doing some sort of orange & blue nail art, but I had pulled Zoya Destiny ...

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All Night Long
This is Deborah Lippmann All Night Long : (Man, I know all Lippmann polishes are named for songs and everything, but that's an earworm I'd rather not have.) I looked on the website a while back and I didn't see this polish listed, so it may not be available...

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Wicked Polish finally did a restock and I couldn't resist Hematoma: The top one of the two swatches is Hematoma by itself, and the second swatch is over Pixi-lated. Hematoma has small and large bright blue glitter and medium and large purple glitter; the ba...

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NOTD: Prince Cornelious
This is one of the new KL Polishes, Prince Cornelious: It's a really awesome red-brown. KL polish describes it as a bronze with a shimmer/glitter finish, but it's better than that makes it sound. It's really beautiful. This is apparently named both for Prin...
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