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Object in memory are smaller than they appear
Object in memory are smaller than they appear

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Take the next exit
I have decided to move my Firestorm and SL posts to another blog. This one may stay, it may be repurposed. I'm not sure yet. But all my posts are now on

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Me in 20
This morning I was checking out other blogs, and I came across Strawberry Singh's Monday Meme. It's a list of questions that she answers, something like you might find on Facebook or other social sites.  Last year she did a similar one , and I like those qu...

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The things you find when you explore
Wandering the ether can sometimes reveal interesting finds. Some great, some disgusting, some interesting. A friend found one on the Second Life web site, it's for making quick suggestions to Linden Lab for a large number of areas, like Audio, Inventory or ...

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Am I using the latest version?
It's a question frequently asked in the Firestorm Support Groups. And it's easily answered. The first indicator that your version isn't the latest is a rather obnoxious sticky note that appears on the login screen: Whenever the viewer is updated, the login ...

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Rebugging your viewer
It's been mentioned many times in many places, and now it's being mentioned here. There is a notecard, or several, that are being passed around that claim to have Debug settings that will cause your viewer to "automatically derender any worn or rezzed links...

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What's in a name?
We get a lot of questions in the Firestorm Support groups about the version information that shows up when you post there. The information is optional, but always requested. But what does it all mean? (FS 4.6.9sc os) The first part tells which viewer you're...

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What information is important?
So the other day I was helping someone with a problem, and I couldn't think of anything that could be changed in the viewer to correct it, so I asked the person to try using Viewer 3. I do this a lot for those questionable issues that could be a viewer prob...

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Update for SL support
Sitting in a Third-Party Viewer Development meeting, which can be attended by anyone who desires, I have an update about basic (non-premium) resident getting support. Earlier I said you can call because LL said you can call, but really all the folks on the ...

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IRC Revisited
For those of you who were online yesterday and tried to get into your favorite group chats, I'm singing to the choir about the woes we suffered. For those who needed help with their Firestorm viewer, there was none. And for those of us who provide that help...

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Phishing success
No, I didn't do any, but over the last couple days the Firestorm team and everyone in several Firestorm groups have been griefed by people spamming the groups and making them unusable. These weren't your typical throw-away griefer accounts that have been si...
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