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Roswitha Warda
Social innovation can change the world.
Social innovation can change the world.


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Finally! Someone going against the grain...
Deeper learning, 21st century skills, critical thinking are nothing but buzzwords unless students are given a knowledge foundation.

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We just launched our own LinkedIn group, Vocabulary Junction!

We welcome everyone passionate about education, literacy, and the English language. Our group consists of learners, teachers, tutors, parents, academics, and writers.

Please join us and tell your friends and colleagues!

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Being an expert means LESS brain activity, not more. The key: deliberate practice.

History of the spelling bee
This year's Scripps National Spelling Bee is just around the corner (5/30 8 pm EST). Read on for more on the history of the spelling bee!

Deliberate practice... talent is overrated

The notion of deliberate practice, first introduced by K. Anders Ericsson in a 1993Psychological Review article, went far beyond the simple idea of hard work. The key is continual improvement.

Study tips to ace the test
An estimated 35% of students are so nervous before high-stakes tests that it impairs their performance, says this article from the Wall Street Journal.

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Voices of Literacy
A beautiful movie about what it means to be comfortable with language and literacy:

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