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Len Kagamine

((Yea, I got this from TeenWolf. What can I say? I'm obsessed.))

Misaki sits on the roof of the School for Evil, grasping her bleeding arm, staring at the corpse in front of her. She looked up at Liam in werewolf form, staring at his red eyes. She was breathing heavily, in pain.


Ani walks over to Liam's house, not far from the school.

A: You didn't tell me about Misaki. What did you do with her, anyways?

L: She's... upstairs.

A: Confused Doing what?

L: Uh... Lying down.


Ani pushes aside the shower curtain in the bathroom, Liam at her back. Misaki was tied up with duct tape, her mouth covered with it as well. Ani glances at Liam, closing the shower curtain.


They both sit on the bed

A: So... You bit her.

L: Nods

A: And you kidnapped her.

L: Nods

A: Liam, your plans suck. 

L: That's why I called you.

Misaki: making loud muffled noises

A: Let's get her out.


They sit Misaki on a chair, her still being partially tied up. They stand in front of her

A: Okay. Misaki, we're going to take the tape off your mouth. If you scream, the tape goes right back on. If you talk quietly, it stays off. Got it?

M: Nods slowly

L: Takes the tape off

M: Grunts Ag..

L: Okay, Misaki. What I did to you tonight.. Is going to change you.

M: Huh..?

A: Alright. There's going to be confusing things that happen because of the confusing things that happened tonight. Got it?

M: Not really.

A: Good. Now who's going to tell her?

M: Tell me what??

L: Alright.. You may become the thing I was tonight.

A: Or you might die.

L: Is she crying?

M: Starts crying

L: Look, you're not going to die.

A: Maybe.

L: You're not.

A: I mean, possibly..

L: Will you just shut up and help me untie her?

They untie Misaki, and she stands up.

L: I'm really sorry...

M: Turns around, grabs the chair, and throws it at them. They both fall over while Misaki runs out of the room.

A: We need to go get her!

They both run after Misaki, down the stairs. They fall in a pile.

A: Grabs someone's foot I've got her..!

L: Grabs someone's arm Me too!

Ani was holding Liam's leg, and Liam was holding Ani's arm. Misaki had run out the door.

L: You know what, your plans suck too!

The two Alphas run after Misaki, and you just happen to see them

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I decided to make a profile for one of them... Also, +•love bell•l •3• Myles, your girlfriend is a werewolf, just letting you know... Ani's a werewolf... Yeah...

Name Liam McCall
Age 16
Powers Alpha werewolf
Likes The pack
Appearance (Pics Yes I know I'm using Dylan Sprayberry)
Bio Nahh....
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+•love bell•l •3• I tried my best :3

An unfamiliar girl walks the halls. She has dark brown eyes, short black hair, and tan skin, along with a spiked choker on her neck. You decide to go up to her

Can I bring in the Teen Wolf fandom? Is Teen Wolf allowed?
+Elita Jane 

Midnight blinks. She looks around. She was deep inside the forest, where you couldn't see anything. She makes her purple eyes glow dimly, and makes note of her surroundings. She was in the forest, hands bound behind her with silver chains. She was bound by the legs with chains as well. She felt the rough bark of a tree on her back, and her mouth was covered with duct tape. She looked up desperately. She couldn't remember what day it was. Hopefully not Saturday, a day of the full moon. No no no... She sighed and blinked back tears. She was weak. She had no way of escaping. (Open!)

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That's Midnight for ya!
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+Elita Jane For some reason I keep trying to call the shadow a Nogitsune... What is it actually called?

Question: What happens when your char is possessed?

Cassandra glares over at the shadowy figure. Her voice is hard and firm, showing no emotion except for hatred. I'd really thought you'd changed. That you know that I'm a human being. That all of us, everyone genetically enhanced, everyone playing a part in your "experiments" Air quotes are human beings. You say you're doing thing for the greater good. But apparently you think messing with all these normal people and mixing in other DNA, or simply grafting an unspoken power into them, is doing something for the greater good. But now you're trying to get rid of us, all of us, every single last one. That would cut the world's population by a quarter! Do you know how many experiments I've seen, in and out of all the labs you have, all over the world? You can stop pulling the strings, puppetmaster. You're going to die, either way. Her eyes turn a cold, pale yellow. The figure steps back. It grins. In a quick moment, they're both running towards each other, weapons a the ready. You just happen to casually walk past.
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